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Year-End Selection of Texts

This year, we published many of our texts on Facebook. For those who avoid Facebook, we are publishing a selection of topics that strained our nerves this year. These include:
  • Regional elections in various German states

  • The scope of bank debt and its consequences

  • The crisis in the Ukraine

  • The terror attacks in Paris and other countries, as well as terrorist-minded actions in Germany

  • The continuing fraud being committed by “eurocrats” against all of the European people by means of various political decisions

  • The debate around and the approval of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

  • The war in Syria and the resulting flood of refugees to Europe, and to Germany in particular

  • The U.S. elections

Europe is on the brink of bankruptcy. It has never been clearer that the bailout of the EU and the euro is helping turn the crisis into a permanent crisis. And the outcome of this crisis has never been clearer either.

Regardless of whether Angela Merkel is re-elected as chancellor, she cannot stop the end of the euro era. She has done too little, concealed too much, placed too much stock in allies who were not allies at all, and fought too little for Germany.

For this reason, our “Bomb of the Year,” which is awarded to the most splendid political misconduct, goes to the German chancellor this time. Perhaps this year-end selection of texts will give you an idea of how politics should not work – unless, of course, it is a dictatorship, or a menagerie of money-traders, arms dealers, spies, cover-up specialists and policy-breakers.

Dear Readers,

Another year has flown by – the year 2016. It was a turbulent year, a year that was not exactly full of hope. The Alliance for Democracy looks back over the past year with a selection of its texts that is available on our website at, and not just on Facebook.

We decided to post this selection [] of texts on our website precisely because not all of our readers use Facebook. We also wanted to show Facebook that it is not necessary for the Alliance for Democracy to pay them to boost posts so that they reach more people. The Alliance for Democracy considers such practices to be improper and should be changed in the future if Facebook ultimately wants to be a platform for freedom of expression for its members. We should not forget, however, that Facebook’s activities are curtailed by political forces, who also monitor Facebook posts. If there were transparency and Facebook revealed who is reporting on whom, and which intelligence services are monitoring posts, this would be a step forward in 2017, so that the reporting of activities and the shaping of opinions does not continue to be a routine way to influence our thoughts and our actions.

We at the Alliance for Democracy wish all of our readers a Happy Christmas and a transparent, politically active 2017.

With kind regards,

Your MfD team

Facebook, 23 December 2016

The CDU has made a decision at its party congress. Angela Merkel will continue as party chairwoman. The dream days of nearly 100 percent support are no more. This time it was just 89.5 percent, which amounts to a polite applause in CDU circles. The chancellor has a lot of problems to resolve – like the disaster she created by inviting so many refugees to our country, and the bankruptcy of the municipalities who are broke because they have given so much money to Europe, while the euro becomes weaker and weaker. And the government won’t be paying this money back, because it can’t. It needs gimmicks to pass a budget, outsourcing expenses just to stay solvent. Chancellor Merkel cannot admit to any of this because that would be to admit that Germany is simply postponing sovereign default by providing aid to insolvent countries. But she cannot admit any of this if she wants to remain chancellor. Now it is up to all of us to decide whether we want to give the CDU/CSU, led by Angela Merkel, our vote, or give it to another party, of which there are many. Coalitions will be probably be necessary, since there is no other party that seems to have any chance of winning by itself. We remember how things were when coalitions were becoming routine, as we discussed in an article that you can read here: And we wonder why we still accept failure, fraud, lies, and the shutting out of political opponents, as a routine part of life, as politicians regularly bend or break the law. The politicians are not defending the democracy that Merkel is always talking about. There is no honour anymore in holding political office. Politicians have become neurotic narcissists who are obsessed with power, pursuing their objectives with more concern for their party’s image than the consequences of their actions. But politicians are supposed to be independent. Politics does not have to be the foul trade that it has become, sacrificing the interests of the people in the name of political power. Politics should involve debates and discussions about what is best for the people, followed up by action. As long as we are not outraged that corruption, bribery, lies, and violence have become part of the political routine, then we accept a dictatorial elite that only pursues its own interests. Let us stand by and watch the party congress of the CDU and all other parties, and see how they cling to power by promoting dictatorship and afalse image of what the political profession should be. Meanwhile, the elections are drawing near.

Facebook, 7 December 2016

Dear Readers,

the Austrians have opted for and, as it were, against Europe, to the extent anyone really understands what that is, or perhaps we should say Austria has elected a federal president who supports the current European single currency policy. Italy, on the other hand, did not choose what the European movers and shakers (or should we say the feint hearted) wanted, so that Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s referendum on constitutional reforms has failed. Now, he intends to resign but will stay in office, in accordance with the wishes of Italian President Sergio Mattarella, until Parliament approves the 2017 budget. What all of this means, we do not know. We do know, however, that Italy’s debt problem is worse than Greece’s and as just as bad as all of euro countries. Perhaps the fear that the euro system could still collapse is growing, even for Angela Merkel.

The CDU is celebrating its party congress and the chancellor is running for re-election, despite the pending crash. In case someone can understand this lunacy, we have reported on the procedure for Angela Merkel’s unopposed candidacy to continue as the party chairwoman (and designated chancellor candidate). Read about that here:

In hopes of a miracle,

Your MfD team

Facebook, 7 December 2016

Elections – the opiate of a sick society with a euro that is becoming weaker and weaker ( Months ago, European Commissioner Günther Oettinger described the state of the European Union as “bleak.” ( The Brexit vote in June was like a heart attack for the EU, because it proved that the union no longer exists. Next Sunday, Austria and Italy will vote. As the news agency DPA reported, the questions to be answered are: Will EU critic Norbert Hoffer take power in Vienna? Does his constitutional referendum spell the end for Matteo Renzi in Rome?

Former diplomat Stefan Lehne said: “Nothing will happen on 4 December in Italy or Austria that will have a serious impact.” Lehne is a researcher at Carnegie Europe. Similar things were said about the EU elections. “We’ll have to see,” said one EU official. The duties of the Austrian president are mostly ceremonial, and Hofer does not fundamentally question the EU. And this would also not be the first government crisis for Italy. However, the success of the right-wing populists of the FPO (Freedom Party) in Austria, and of the EU critics of the Five-Star Movement in Italy could be a bellwether for potential changes of government in both countries and for the entire 2017 election year in Europe. In the Netherlands, EU critic Geert Wilders is running in that country’s elections in March. In France, right-wing populist Marine Le Pen is hoping to win in France’s elections this May. “The French presidential elections are the most dangerous,” Lehne told the press. “If Le Pen were to actually win and push for the country’s exit from the euro and the EU, that “would be the fatal blow to the European Union.”

Lehne considers that “unlikely,” but the success of populists in recent years is making the establishment parties tremble. Since 2014, parties critical of the EU have held 174 of the 751 seats in the European Parliament, according to a breakdown by Nicolai von Ondarza of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). In seven of the 16 national elections since then, EU sceptics have won in Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Latvia, Poland, Sweden and Slovakia. Power is shared by euro-sceptic parties in seven of the 28 EU countries. Governing parties, such as Fidesz in Hungary, or the Law and Justice (PiS) party in Poland, fire salvos at Brussels. And leftist critics, such as Syriza in Greece or Podemos in Spain, reject the current direction of the EU. In addition, there is the current climate against institutions, against conventional politics, against elites. Global, multinational, pan-European: much too large and complex. The nation state is supposed to be in charge. However, Carnegie researcher Lehne does not think the EU is at risk of collapse, but that it is being paralysed by “an overdose of problems,” and that only the internal market remains, and there is no will to reform. Each new crisis drives the EU into the ground, such as the discovery of just how extensive Italy’s debts are, and that they are unpayable. Above all is the question of why the EU is so incapable of facing up its problems and attempting to resolve them. The only answer is that politicians can no longer solve them. It has become too entangled in lies and deception and debt. It has become dependent on the single currency, and doing something about it would spell the end for the ruling parties, and the end of the experiment in which these politicians wanted to believe, and for which they lost touch with reality. Please read our publications at:

Facebook, 30 November 2016

Dear Readers,

Since Angela Merkel announced that she would seek another term, the other parties have been looking for suitable candidates to challenge her. That’s surprising, since the other parties had almost given the impression that there were no other candidates. In any case, it looks like Merkel’s campaign for re-election won’t take much effort. The chancellor seems to have completely won over the CDU Youth Union, at least. Read about that here:

Unfortunately, we are stuck with Merkel’s power and Merkel’s tactics. There’s little possibility she’ll be voted out. If necessary, the results could even be improved by hackers from the U.S.

Even German state institutions like the Bundestag are working to preserve the status quo. The people’s representatives only took three years to reply to a petition from the Alliance for Democracy. The petition was about establishing a direct-democracy. You can read about that here: Meanwhile, the Institute for Auditors responded to a letter from the Alliance for Democracy (MfD), although its reply was rather puzzling. Read about that here: Perhaps you are also wondering how different financial auditors can reach different results from the same equations. Math doesn’t lie, so it is better not too look too closely. The Alliance for Democracy knows that many prefer to look the other way and do nothing.

In hopes of better times,

Your MfD team

Facebook, 28 November 2016

Karlsruhe/Berlin (dpa) – The chances for the Green Party and Left Party in the Bundestag to bring whistle blower Edward Snowden to Berlin to testify before the NSA Committee of Inquiry have now increased somewhat.

In a decision on 11 November 2016, the Federal Court of Justice ruled that the Committee of Inquiry must once again vote on parts of a petition calling on the federal government to establish the prerequisites for hearing Snowden’s testimony in Germany.

This concerns “permitting someone to enter and stay in the country under the German Law on Passports and Aliens, and pledging effective protection from extradition." If the proposal continues to have the backing of a quarter of the Committee members, it can be submitted to the full Committee for a vote, and approval would require at least a simple majority. This was decided by an examining magistrate.

"The ruling is a disgrace to the Grand Coalition, which has attempted to sabotage a lawful hearing of a witness with threadbare arguments," declared Konstantin von Notz, Green Party chairman on the NSA Committee of Inquiry. The Alliance for Democracy has published a report on the matter:

In June 2013, Snowden exposed the escalating Internet surveillance activities of the U.S. National Security Agency and its British counterpart, GCHQ. Germany was also said to be a target, which led to the establishment of the parliamentary Committee of Inquiry. According to documents taken by Snowden, Angela Merkel’s own mobile phone may have been monitored.

The potential questioning of the 33-year-old whistle blower in Berlin has been an explosive issue for some time now. The NSA Committee of Inquiry decided back in 2014 to summon Snowden, who was granted asylum in Russia. The decision has not yet been enforced. The Greens and the Left Party think that the Federal Government is trying to drag out the decision in this regard.

In December 2014, the Greens and the Left Party lost an appeal to the German Constitutional Court to enforce the Snowden hearing. The Court in Karlsruhe dismissed the complaint and referred the matter to the jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). The CDU/CSU and SPD coalition parties opposed a hearing on German soil, citing the foreign policy concerns of the Federal Government. The latter feared that if the former NSA employee were to come to Germany it would put a strain on relations with the U.S. The Greens and the Left Party do not consider an interview conducted by video conference or in Moscow to be the same as a hearing in person in Berlin.

Martina Renner, chairwoman of the Left Party on the Committee of Inquiry, described the BGH’s ruling as “a great opportunity for the Bundestag to clarify essential questions with Edward Snowden on the surveillance practices of the U.S.” This, she says, is long overdue. “The Federal Government now faces a test. It must not bow to the interests of the intelligence services.” Thus, the issue will be dealt with again during the upcoming sessions this week, specifically on Thursday. Should Snowden testify in Berlin, not only will the NSA’s surveillance practices be brought to light, but it will also become clear what the German government did with the knowledge it had of these practices, which can only lead to embarrassments for the chancellor and her supporters. It is also clear that this will have an impact. You can read more about that here:

Facebook, 22 November 2016

After a lot of confusion, which was seized upon by the CDU, what Norbert Röttgen had already revealed in an interview ( was confirmed only after Barack Obama’s visit: Angela Merkel has permission to run again. She is the guarantor of peace and order in Europe, especially against Russia.

This transatlantic strategy aims to bypass the new U.S. boss while continuing to push forward with the policies of the elite. It will not be easy to stymie Trump. However, it will be easy to get the Germans to re-elect Merkel. The press will write nice things about her, and politicians will fail to come up with a real challenger. Merkel’s catchphrases will lull us into the comforting belief that we can continue to put off the catastrophe a little longer.

Angela Merkel’s re-election means four more years of declining resources, sinking performance levels, policies that serve our masters: the money traders, the arms dealers. Angela Merkel will be considered acceptable to many, many Germans, because no one wants to face the consequences of the politics of the past thirty years. The people now happily postpone any attempt to deal with all of the political errors that were made in their names but without their consent, using the only means left to them: the vote. Many other democratic values have long been lost. This final election for Merkel will help to divide Germany even more.

It is disgraceful that those responsible for informing us about trends, about opinion and the opinion makers, and about all events in the country, do little reporting at all, and their hesitation and back-and-forth questions are only benefitting those who seek to gain time. All of this hesitation is also convenient and comfortable, since it allows them to believe they understand the consequences of this political impotence and, as gloomy as the outlook may be, to present it to their readers. Like the politicians, journalists are prisoners of their image problem, and hope that the people, who have long understood the signs of the times, want peace – for which we can’t blame them.

Whether all of this can be avoided if Angela Merkel is not re-elected, no one knows. But one thing is certain: Merkel has no successor. She will be leaving behind a vacuum created by her withering power as a tool of the U.S., and governing will become impossible. No other party is in a position to govern alone. Only coalitions are conceivable.

You can read our views here:, as well as in our publication “Colossal Public Fraud in Germany and Europe – Essays on the (Financial) Policies of Our Day and How They Can Be Improved” (see page 121 to 127 in particular), available at…/riesenvolksbetrug_de.pdf.

Facebook, 21 November 2016

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour, says the Ninth Commandment. This chancellor must be familiar with these words, but does not follow them. She recently warned about military conflicts, which of course she blames on the refugee crisis and not on her wayward policies. Read about that here:

The Alliance for Democracy believes that the good Lord should punish such a brazen lie immediately because the chancellor knows very well that Europe is not threatened by refugees and not by the conflicts that have followed them into the countries in which they have sought shelter, but by the policies of the eurocrats, the weakening euro and the ever-increasing and unrepayable debts of the bankrupt EU. Those voting to re-elect the chancellor are voting for war. And it will come faster than any of us expect.

Facebook, 9 November 2016

Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. The megalomaniac with German roots surprised the German media above all, which was counting on Hillary Clinton, whom they were unable to wish into power. They misunderstood. In Germany, we have the first women chancellor, who came to power 60 years after the end of the Second World War. In the U.S., a woman president is unthinkable, at least among the groups that preferred Trump to the lady. We should also not forget that Clinton lied about or concealed many things in her career. In Germany this may just be considered a bad habit to be covered up by lawyers and the media, but in the U.S. it is scurrilous.

No one expects more from Trump than what an asshole can give. And the man can be a real asshole. But he will most likely have the chance to show the world that compromises are a possibility precisely there are no longer any more expectations. The U.S. is going to throw its weight around the world more than ever now – ruthlessly, and with the toleration of all those who are dependent upon her, like the German weapons lobby and German political lobbyists. It is clear that Germany has nothing to gain from any of this, but we don’t need to either because the time has come for Germany to finally emancipate itself from its so-called American friends. But Angela Merkel will not do this, and instead will make herself more untrustworthy than ever. But, politicians never learn how to make a difference for their country and its citizens, but only how to cover up their own missteps.

Facebook, 9 November 2016

U.S. President Barack Obama is warning about Donald Trump. Last Wednesday, while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, he called on Americans “to make the right choice.” A vote for Trump will put democracy in danger, as well as decency, justice and progress. Like never before, the outgoing Presidents proclaims freedom, which is probably impossible given the spying practices of the NSA. This speech was triggered by the actions of FBI Director James Comey, an ex-Republican that Democrat Obama himself appointed to the office in 2013. Now that Clinton's lead with her opponent Trump has evaporated, although no one really understands the whole e-mail affair Clinton, and Comey also knows more about Obama than the latter would like, Obama does not want to hurt the candidacy of fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton with a decision that was made years ago and turned out to be a mistake.

Regardless of how bad these entanglements have become, the elections are on 8 November 2016. Anyone who believes there is a lesser evil to choose is mistaken. Both Clinton and Trump represent their own interests. These correspond to the usual patterns of predatory capitalism. By comparison with Clinton's long purely political career, class clown Trump is no better. He is familiar with the rough-and-tumble of business but is unable to separate it from politics. In his speech, Obama said Trump is unfit for the Office of the Presidency, but Clinton also turns a blind eye to business and offers nothing new, while Obama may have some gaps in his own accountability report, quite apart from the qualities he brought to the Office of the Presidency.

Facebook, 3 November 2016

CETA has been signed.

The Walloons have dropped their resistance. How this treaty actually meets the demands of the Walloons is a mystery. CETA is starting out as a trial balloon. Read about it here:

It is a pity that the EU has made such a decision. The concern continues to be that CETA will be adapted to the needs of the trading partners, and so will never be stopped. The other concern is that CETA will follow the procedure of the TTIP.

Facebook, 1 November 2016

The U.S. election campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is political theatre. You could not write a better script for such performances, but the show goes on and captures the attention of the whole world. Clinton and Trump have been accustomed since their school days to the unfortunate conflicts we see played out on TV now. They play out the roles that are expected of American politicians. They have no other role, because it has always been others who have determined the fate of the country.

The TV duals are played out before the whole world. Class clown Trump wins people over with biased arguments, Clinton with restrained feminism. It is not about substance but about showing the voters how vulnerable your opponent is, and how to defend yourself. Political ideas are presented as slogans, so that it is all but impossible to hold the candidates to their promises.

Anyone who follows the U.S. elections knows that they are open, not secret. Hollywood stars, tycoons and other celebrities back the campaigns with all types of endorsements, fundraisers or other events for their respective candidates. This is what also makes the campaign a mass event that is entertaining. Unfortunately, the impropriety of letting the candidates loose on each other on TV is a practice that has spread to the other side of the Atlantic.

It is inevitable that Chancellor Angela Merkel will be supported or rejected by all sorts of people in the upcoming 2017 elections. And it can be assumed that election workers will not vote any differently on election day.

Nothing against entertainment, nothing against new ways of campaigning, but there is a difference between the election systems in the U.S. and Germany. Anyone paying attention can see that in Germany each citizen votes in secret. How each individual votes is his decision. This applies to all citizens regardless of their status.

If elements of the entertainment that has its place in the U.S. electoral system come to Germany, the election workers may no longer be able to keep their choice a secret.

It may be everyone’s decision about whether to reveal how they voted, but the German electoral code is undermined when it is discussed before the elections. The secret ballots cast on election day should alone be the decisive factors, and someone’s choice should not be used to identify trends, because the political objectives are unknown and therefore out of the question.

Facebook, 1 November 2016

Dear Readers,

We hope that the Walloons stand firm and topple the CETA agreement. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the TTIP can also be stopped in this way. Unfortunately, our politicians, and the judges who take instruction from them, have found no solution other than to back the CETA and TTIP. What a shame! Thinking before acting is just not their thing, and probably never will be. But resistance is useful. The Alliance for Democracy is engaging in its own form of resistance and has written a letter about the EFSF to the Institute for Democracy (IDW). Read about it here: The letter reveals how the EFSF’s accounts were balanced despite having no counter-funding basis. In short, the undertakings of the ESM and EFSF have received certification as though they complied with economic and legal standards, but that is simply not the case. The bailouts are political constructs with no substance at all. Their only purpose is to calm the nerves of the bankrupt European states – but they do nothing more than create a mirage of the bailout that the politicians have only hindered with one bad decision after another.

Your MfD team

Facebook, 24 October 2016

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada will be allowed to take effect provisionally. The German Constitutional Court today rejected several emergency appeals against Germany's approval of the agreement, but established conditions similar to the approval of the procedures for or against the ESM (Fiscal Compact) []. Pursuant to the court’s ruling, the agreement may now be signed on 27 October 2016 at the EU-Canada Summit in Brussels. Furthermore, after CETA is signed, and ratified by the European Parliament, parts of it may enter into force provisionally, even before the Bundestag and other national parliaments have voted on it. The plaintiffs before the German Constitutional Court sought to prevent the German government from adopting this procedure jointly with the EU Council of Ministers on 18 October.

The Constitutional Court has instructed the German government to ensure that Germany will be able to withdraw from the agreement despite its provisional enforcement. This was not previously contemplated and would entail an amendment of the agreement that would have to be renegotiated. Such an administrative expenditure would set a precedent in the history of rulings by the Constitutional Court in terms of intervening in the economic interests of the federal government and is therefore unlikely. []

The ruling on the urgent appeal states that, after a review (?), it was determined that irreparable harm to Germany from the provisional enforcement of CETA cannot be excluded (Az. 2 BvR 1368/16 u.a.). Instead of dispensing justice (see the ruling on the ESM at, independently of political or economic interests, the Constitutional Court is permitting a kind of trial period for CETA, which could benefit the economy. Once again, more time has been bought for a government programme. This time it will be used to resolve existing disagreements or adapt practical procedures so they can be handled later. This also suggests that CETA will remain, no matter which court or parliament rules on it, or when.

This suggests that the constitutional grievances associated with numerous urgent claims, which the court will decide at a later date, will all be rejected. We can look forward to the hearing reasons for this. And, unfortunately, we must also say good-bye to any hope that CETA can still be stopped by these emergency appeals. We have to prepare ourselves to face that fact that the blueprint for rulings on the TTIP will be similar, and that that agreement will also take effect.

This, at least, will fulfil the vision of German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who urgently argued against the campaign to stop CETA, saying he was attempting to prevent enormous harm to Germany. This will never be verifiable, however, so Gabriel’s assertion must pass into history as another empty political slogan [].

You may also read about this at:

Facebook, 13 October 2016

Dear Readers,

After the Day of German Unity holiday on 3 October, with festivities that included PR consultants sending German leaders to Dresden to stir up PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) [], the press heating up. It doesn’t matter what was said there. It is a sensationalist sham.

Anyone who was there should not pass judgement; should not believe everything that the press has cooked up. There are more important things. The United States broke off talks with Syria, and with Russia. And Russia has suspended the nuclear pact []. These are the issues that should concern us. And they are completely inconsistent with the monotonous declarations of Merkel & Co. to raise the mood of the German people about the peaceful state of the world. That is also a sham.

The Merkel government took advantage of an event and a holiday in order to sow confusion in her own country and find scapegoats to blame for disrupting the business climate, although they are hardly in a position to do this, at least not as much as the government is, but that’s politics. The government wants to hide its own role in Syria and its part in dealing with Russia, and the fact that it has failed miserably.

Errors abound in the administration of Angela Merkel. One of these errors was the ESM. It is not covered by actual funds and is a type of pointless game being played out on the markets. The ESM has no capital but generates a balance sheet nonetheless, as though it were a business enterprise. This, in turn, helps to cover up the fact that the ESM is toying with government funds, which we the taxpayers will ultimately be responsible for. To call the attention of the corresponding regulatory agencies to this situation, i.e. that the ESM is a non-starter that has the authority to use our tax money for foreign purposes, we wrote them a letter [] urging them to use their authority to review the ESM and bring an end to the current policy, and to abolish it as a violation of the law and a subterfuge. You can read the letter here:

With hope for the future,

Your MfD team

Facebook, 4 October 2016

Dear Readers,

The catchphrase "We can do it” has had its day. Now, the German chancellor says that humanitarianism should prevail in the refugee debate, regardless of the costs and repercussions.

We must help, they say – and this must be explained to the people. This from a government that approves perfect budgets with outsourcing and other tricks of accounting. Germany is sitting atop a €15 trillion mountain of debt. These debts cannot be paid back by ordinary means. It is hard to know why the chancellor doesn’t simply give in to the euro politicians, and instead continues to issue opinions, violating the law and encouraging the machinery of the euro experiment. This explains why the German Constitutional Court issues a ruling after four years (!!!) on a complaint filed by the Alliance for Democracy. Read about it here:

Moreover, the chancellor has announced that she will not be committing any financial aid to the ailing Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank so that Germany can pay for the internationally managed programmes. Nor does she need to. They have plenty of money, since her policies have permitted tax evasion so that the aforementioned banks, and many other companies, can stash their profits in tax-free havens abroad [].

Let’s wait and see whether the chancellor continues to stick to a slogan and whether her opinion changes anything for me or for you. Politics is a different world.

Best Wishes,

Your MfD team

Facebook, 27 September 2016

According to Juncker's address on the state of the union, the world is looking good despite the harsh setbacks – a surprise to the Alliance for Democracy. Europe is in an existential crisis, which Juncker himself has confirmed. Brexit has scrubbed the idea of a united Europe, as have all the separatist movements in the South and the former East.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker could score some points now by finding ways to deal with these ambitions, but he does not. Instead, he makes accusations, e.g. that some governments promote nationalistic interests.

Two days before the summit on the future of the EU, Juncker demanded an "honest assessment," more efforts to lower unemployment, and a more social Europe. However, he did not apply this standard to his speech. Instead, aiming his remarks at London, he asserted that there can be "no à la carte access to the single market." In the negotiations on future relations, there will be unrestricted access to the European Economic Area only if the UK government accepts the free movement of EU citizens - which seems doubtful and we would hope it will be considered just an unfortunate choice of words.

Juncker also announced that the investment program launched in 2014 will be doubled from €315 billion to €630 billion by 2020. The so-called Juncker Plan is based on a numbers games, and is not backed by actual funds. Please read here: So, now the question is on which computer they were able to create money out of thin air, as Juncker reported, to invest €116 billion in projects. The Alliance for Democracy has demanded a list of these projects, their content and purpose, as well as information on the origin of the funds. But they do not exist, of course. Juncker says financing for the doubling of the project amounts and duration has still not been determined. A total of €500 billion will be secured by 2020. More funds will be needed from the EU as well as national budgets. There is also the question of how much more the latter must borrow for this.

With all of these absurdities, which the Alliance for Democracy also considers madness, the most astounding thing is that Juncker has recommitted to CETA. The European Commission president excluded renegotiations, but also said CETA is the “best and most advanced” trade agreement that Europe has ever concluded. It is a peculiarity of these eurocrats that they are not subject to mental health examinations and/or sent to jail for such statements.

Juncker also suggested that free Wi-Fi should be made available in all major European city centres by 2020. This idea is part of the plan for the Single Digital Market in the European Union, which is also supposed to lead to the expansion of the 5G mobile network (which is likely to be refitted next year at the latest). Juncker announced a proposal for roaming fees outside of the EU. After sharp criticism, the Commission was forced to withdraw its proposal to limit the suppression of extra fees abroad to 90 days a year starting in 2017. The plan did not meet expectations for eliminating the roaming fees, Juncker said. Well, if these were the only solvable problems…

Facebook, 14 September 2016

Europe is splitting apart. After Brexit, the southern countries of France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta intend to appear at the EU Summit in Bratislava the day after tomorrow as an alliance and make demands.

According to Spiegel online, no decisions are scheduled in Bratislava, as the summit is considered an informal meeting to determine how to proceed after Brexit. For the first time in the history of the single currency union, the leaders of the most important Mediterranean states have come together to form an independent group. Now it is evident that austerity and the mountain of debt accumulated by the countries forming the iron eurocrat team, which includes Germany in particular, have resulted in more breaks in the ranks than previously assumed. These include Eastern countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, which are pursuing more nationalist aims and are now likely to gain power by resuming their former alliance, in which their opinions were given equal weight. They may have been expelled from the G-20 summit in Antalya by the clever manoeuvres of the German chancellor ( but that will not be so easy this time.

The German Chancellor cannot ignore these developments. As with all other heads of state, unrest in European politics means a loss of face during elections at home, because the supposedly strong Europe does not exist, and never did. It was lunacy, and still is. Lunacy occurring on a daily basis. Unsustainable, and only dissolvable by mutual decree.

Merkel has surely known for a long time that the euro is a weak currency that is becoming weaker and weaker every day, and that eliminating the individual European currencies has only led to the misery in which the Eurozone politicians now find themselves. They have abused their power, the judiciary, the press, etc., so that the European peoples were taken by surprise, with the failure of laws, rules and regulations, and even the IMF (

Now, as more of these numerous politically motivated lies and legal breaches come to light (, the austerity mob around Angela Merkel has to strive more than ever before to refine their hard-line image to go with their hard-line brains. Clearly, nothing good can come of this. First, Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister called for Hungary to be suspended or expelled from the European Union. “We cannot accept such massive violations of the founding principles of the EU,” Asselborn told the German daily Die Welt (Tuesday’s edition). “Those who build fences to stop war refugees like Hungary does, or who violate press freedom and judicial independence, should be excluded temporarily or forever from the EU.” He said that if Hungary were to apply today, it would have “no chance of joining the EU.” We should not forget here that Hungary would not likely seek to join today, and perhaps never wanted to, because it was the eurocrats who wanted Hungary. We don’t know whether Hungary also wanted the EU, but look forward to more political theatre, which is costly but historically meaningful. It remains to be seen how European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker assesses these latest events. He will surely be discussing it in his speech before the European Parliament today, which Euronews will be broadcasting live. You can watch it here:

Facebook, 14 September 2016

It is now official. Equality has arrived in Germany. A women chancellor can do just as bad a job as any of her predecessors. That slight difference that can have such a great impact doesn’t exist anymore, at least not in politics.

What seems like a breakthrough for women’s rights is just a colossal failure for the ordinary citizen, which resulted from the colossal fraud for which Merkel & Co. are responsible []. The resentment of the citizenry is evident in the elections of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where about 1.33 million people are eligible to vote and have chosen their favourites from among the 17 Parties and 389 candidates running for 71 parliamentary seats in Schwerin. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, people vote twice. First, each of the 36 districts directly votes for a representative to parliament. In the second vote, the remaining 35 seats are distributed over the national lists of the parties. The SPD won 30.6 percent of the vote, followed by the CDU at 19 percent. The Left Party won 13.2 percent. The Greens, NPD and FDP trailed far behind, while the right-wing populist AfD won 20.8 percent of the vote.

Facebook, 5 September 2016

Supposedly there are new rules for unemployment benefits. You can read about the expected changes here: You can also read how the federal government is still pushing for actual increases in the benefits: This was after it cheated instead of creating realistic rules:

Focus magazine has a particularly outrageous quotation from Labour Minister Andrea Nahles: "For many people, work is not a part of their daily routine." Read the entire article here:

Facebook, 31 August 2016

The federal government wants to update the civil defence plan, which was last revised in 1995. The news was reported by the DPA news agency and picked up by all German dailies and magazines. You can read about the essentials of the proposal in this article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung [], which is no better or worse than any other.

Such a plan may be used to defend against terrorism and cyberattacks, but it could also keep the republic from descending into panic and hoarding with the currency conversion as the crisis draws to a close and the euro is finally abolished. The Merkel government missed its opportunity a long time ago and can be thankful to have the distractions of terrorism, the refugee crisis and other events, such as those in Olympia, that clog the news channels.

Facebook, 23 August 2016

Dear Readers,

In the final stage of the euro crisis, it is unclear how the governments of the debtor countries hope to emerge from the affair. What we know right now is that retirees, investors and savers will have nothing left, and workers will be robbed of their earnings and their pensions. Low interest rates will be followed by negative interest. Whether people will withdraw their money from the banks, no one knows. The same applies to currency reform and rumours that 1000 euros will be worth 100 marks. There are two options. One is to prolong the current crisis, and the other is to bring it to an end with monetary reform. This would mean that the debts accumulated during the politically driven euro experiments can only be paid back by reducing them.

In the world of international finance and its daily losses, one institution has been exposed: the IMF. The international supervisory body has failed in its duty. The Alliance for Democracy has written many articles on this subject, and its findings have now been confirmed by a study. Read our latest article here:

All of this political hysteria and hubris has earned our award: This time, the Bomb of the Week, which is awarded to the worst political errors, goes to the IMF, which violated its own internal principles and failed to fulfil its responsibility. Instead, it promoted political machinations with the resulting consequences. Read about it here: – click on the “Bomb.”

With sincere hopes for better times,

Your MfD team

Facebook, 22 August 2016

The European Banking Authority (EBA) recently conducted stress tests on 51 major European banks and came to this astounding conclusion: All is well. This is a surprise to us at the Alliance for Democracy because the "extensive resilience" of the banks, attributed by the EBA to a substantial increase in capital, might be due to the fact that essential facts were overlooked or are a matter of interpretation.

The EBA certifies the rosy times of the banking industry, which can be seen when you put on your rose-coloured glasses. The report engages in word games. For example, according to the stress test, the capital of the banks stands at 10-14% (2% higher than the last stress test two years ago). In the event of a recession, these figures would fall by 3.8% (period: 2016-2018). According to the report, that does not mean that the banks are endangered but just sparsely capitalised.

Banks are benefiting from the deposits of unknown consortiums, and unsecured loans are taken off the balance sheets to pass the stress test and continue losing money on loans and other highly risky transactions. So, it is a question of how you look at things and which words you use to describe the catastrophic state of European banks and to rewrite the description when one of them crashes. That might be the Monte Paschi di Siena, one of the oldest banks in the world, which is said to be refurbishing its balance sheets in the same way.

All Italian banks are doing badly. And the government is not doing well either. With a debt ratio of 130 percent and a total debt €2.2 trillion, Italy is following the path of the Greeks. However, unlike the Greeks, who account for just 1.1% of economic output in the EU, the Italians account for 11%. If the state collapses under its debt, along with the banks under their bad loans, the country is irrevocably lost. Greece has been backed up with €300 billion, which has been enough to meet its most urgent debt payments, but Italy's banks and the state budget, which depends on junk government bonds, would require trillions of euros in aid. But this cannot be raised by a bailout fund, or any other body such as the IMF.

For all the capital that the EBA says the banks now have, it is still not clear if anyone is considering the burden of the loans, which are not backed up by capital, above all in comparison to other countries, such as Russia, Brazil or Turkey.

The stress test completely ignores the expected negative interest rates that the ECB must impose. The ECB will supress the interest-rate margins of the banks as much as the value of the available capital. Then, cash will be eliminated in order to impose interest penalties on accounts. The bank stress test confirms the policy of omission. This will expose the real risks of the euro bailout policy and its consequences. This will means that the inevitable global economic crisis, the most devastating of its kind in history, can no longer be delayed.

Facebook, 15. August 2016

Dear Readers,

Just recently, most Germans surveyed by Stern magazine (and Forsa) agreed with Chancellor Angela Merkel, and not the CSU, that the terrorist attacks in Germany are not associated with the more or less failed refugee policy, Nevertheless, the German federal states established plans to improve security. Under this plan, police will be better trained, but the Bundeswehr may be deployed on a case to case basis. As a study by the Alliance for Democracy (MfD) shows, however, there are legal issues with such deployments [].

To protect the population from terrorist attacks, the government would have to create the legal basis on which to justify these types of deployments. In the words of Ursula von der Leyen, this needs some “touch-up work.”

With best regards,

Your MfD team

Facebook, 10 August 2016

The Merkel government’s plan for dealing with the crisis is to prolong it. She knows the only way it can end is with sovereign default. So, we move to the next stage, which is negative interest rates, which some banks have already implemented. For German bonds, the yield was already in negative territory for terms of up to nine years. As early as 2008, when the financial crisis came to a head, the U.S. Federal Reserve was fielding ideas about a ban on cash and the introduction of large-scale negative interest rates.

Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff recently noted that there were plans to establish negative interest rates of 4 to 5 percent. These plans have been discarded in favour of a totally new idea: the elimination of cash. With this move, high finance could make big profits – on losses. Politicians and central banks would have no arguments against this, since their aim is to boost the economy, and it would work in some instances, but it would also shrink the labour market and wages (and thus pensions and other retirement benefits). Paper money is preventing further interest rate reductions, so it will be eliminated. Politicians will find nice slogans to make this sound better, like saying it will prevent terror attacks or increase public security – all lies! Read about it here: The German Disaster: How the Germans were cheated of their Democracy and why the Prospects for Europe can scarcely be better []

Contrary to Angela Merkel’s assurances that savings deposits are safe, the negative interest will be deducted from the account balance. Anyone who currently has a balance of €100,000 will lose €22,622 with a negative interest rate of 5%. With inflation, assuming that the negative interest rate will not always be 5 percent, and depending on the value of the euro, financial assets will now be looted along with wages/salaries, pensions and social benefits. The crisis has entered yet another phase - let's hope it is the last.

Facebook, 30 July 2016

Costs of the Refugee Crisis and Counter Terrorism

Germany’s total national debt represents 75% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), i.e. €6.2 trillion. That is more than twice the country’s total economic output. Add to that the €190 billion that Germany is liable for as part of the ESM euro bailout, as well as payments already made as part of the illegal aid to ailing EU countries or the money deposited in funds for this purpose [Read about that here:]. These transgressions are part of the cost of Angela Merkel’s refugee policy.

We don’t have any figures at all because the Treasury is wary of divulging them. They only appear on the balance sheets after the end of the year, but there are estimates. The five-member Council of Economic Experts estimates up to €8.3 billion for 2015, and €14.3 billion euros for 2016. Commerzbank's analysts expect a figure of €7 billion for 2015 and €17 billion for 2016. The Ifo Institute in Munich estimates around €21.1 billion for 2015, assuming that 1.1 million refugees are accepted in Germany. The costs of this includes housing, food, day-care centres, schools, German-language courses, education, and administrative expenses. Clemens Fuest, President of the Centre for European Economic Research, estimates an additional cost of €20 billion to €30 billion a year, assuming that 800,000 refugees are accepted, but we know that in 2015 there were up to 1.5 million refugees who came to us, for which the annual cost to municipalities per refugee was between €10,000 and €14,000. For 1.5 million refugees, the cost would be between €15 billion to €21 billion. The Ifo Institute’s figures confirm this. Economist Matthias Lücke of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) quantifies the financial costs of the refugee crisis at $45 billion euros per year.

Financial expert Bernd Raffelhüschen of the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg estimates the costs of the refugee crisis to be up to €1.5 trillion. This brings the total of German public debt up to almost €8 trillion. With this new public fraud, the federal government of Angela Merkel has gambled away the country’s remaining reserves. She boasts of her accomplishments, gesticulates, and makes promises that she cannot keep.

Facebook, 30 July 2016

When a chancellor interrupts her holiday, it must be important, because such interruptions cost the taxpayers money. Angela Merkel explained why she broke off her holiday in a press conference after the attacks of Würzburg and Anspach. "We can do it," she said again, this time with the help of a 9-point plan against terror. The main point of her statement was that we should arm ourselves against ISIS. There will be large-scale anti-terrorist training exercises for the police - the Bundeswehr should be included. Again, this is supposedly allowed under the Constitution. Now, Horst Seehofer joins the debate. The Minister President of Bavaria, who has repeatedly fought Merkel’s insane refugee policy, now distances himself from the "We can do it" slogan.

He is right, because all the refugees who came into the country brought their history with them, their war. Full of adrenaline, they end up in a strange country, have to find their way, have to find peace. Constantly concerned for their homeland, those they left behind, those who had lost their way while fleeing, they received false promises. They became a tool of politics - peace and quiet cannot be found just anywhere.

In all this turmoil, we have the feeling that the politicians and the security forces have no way of protecting us against attacks such as those in Würzburg and Anspach. An arms race in our reaction to this feeling is not the right way. The Chancellor should not have interrupted her holiday to bring us this news. We already knew!

Facebook, 30 July 2016

How Extreme is Extreme, and Who Decides?

German state or federal governments questioned the activities of the far right National Democratic Party (NPD) and demanded judicial scrutiny of the party and even its prohibition. However, the Alliance for Democracy believes that a democracy must tolerate extremes, without them it is no democracy at all. Banning a right-wing party, while the Left Party is exempted from such treatment, although it is monitored by the state security apparatus, diminishes the freedom to establish political parties and choose one’s own course. The debate about the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has given rise to such thoughts, since the AfD has been pegged as a right-wing party since its founding, although there was nothing identifiable as such in its party platforms, apart from some lapses in communication, which happen routinely in politics and in all political camps, and members of the “left” were at one time dismissed as extremists too. Surveillance of members of the “Left Party” was discontinued without results. German homeland security chief Hans-Georg Maaßen said that no evidence has surfaced in the surveillance of the AfD to justify classifying it as undemocratic. It is not clear whether the AfD continues to be under surveillance.

There have been power struggles within the AfD leadership recently. These exist in every party and are part of everyday political life. People must enjoy watching a political opponent go down. Now, peace has come to the AfD because its already tarnished image cannot be worsened by infighting.

This case demonstrates how political courage works. It does not matter that the AfD is intellectually immature. After all, it is merely following the rules of a merger and making the appropriate adjustments, in which sentiment alone pursues and enforces its own interests.

It is worth noting that all this is happens under the supervision of Parliament, which is responsible for determining the constitutionality of all parties. It must therefore be assumed that the majority of the parliamentary camps also contribute to determining who should be subject to constitutional scrutiny and who should not, and what legal consequences this may have. In this way, political chess moves, which seem to be part of political craftsmanship, are shifting to party politics, which should actually be devoted to other tasks, and ideally include the co-parties. Political hostility costs a lot of time and money. Political work must always be of little benefit to the people.

Instead of determining which political camp is the most annoying, dangerous, or even the least constitutional, politicians should focus on dealing with pending problems such as the consequences of Brexit, and the refugee and financial crises.

Let scholars debate about what is extreme and what is not. It is doubtful that a society can continuously evolve without extremes. Politicians must pursue legal action or even criminal penalties when social phenomena justify this. Such an approach can be considered at any time, but will lose credibility if it appears to be an effort to eliminate a political opponent. In this respect, the Alliance for Democracy refers to a study by the Free University of Berlin, which examines the significance of left-wing extremism, which is inevitably compared to right-wing extremism. However, there is no comparison, other than the fact that both deviate from the norm. You can read about that here: "Against the State and Capital – For the Revolution! Left-Wing Extremism in Germany – An Empirical Study” by Monika Deutz-Schröder and Klaus Schröder. Text available at: The book is available at

Facebook, 20 July 2016

In the weekly chat, the TAZ newspaper reports on free trade issues under the title “A lot of Trust is Lost.” The article discusses the pros and cons of giving EU state parliaments a say on the CETA agreement (9-10 July 2016, p. 37). European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recently excluded the involvement of the national parliaments.

The issue of free trade agreements continues to draw attention because of all the undemocratic procedures, Juncker’s contradictory statements, as well as numerous doubts and the recent announcement that the negotiations have stalled (, and how this affects the TTIP with the U.S. All the talk is superfluous, because business and high finance do not need a contract or a signature. Any increase in key interest rates (the ECB) increases public debt, which means that credit-dependent governments must use their creditors to achieve the cheapest government debt for new loans. Higher interest rates would inevitably result in the sovereign default of the euro countries (and other EU countries). This means the end of financial operations as we know them today. Ultimately, it does not matter - unfortunately - whether and how politicians and lawyers are seeking solution: In terms of free trade agreements, it is no longer a matter of how the vote is conducted, but simply how much profit there is for business and the financial world. There is no maximum for this standard. It runs its own course. The end of the financial operations as we know them is coming. It’s only a matter of time.

Facebook, 20 July 2016

The Left Party parliamentary group in the Bundestag has appealed to the German Constitutional Court to stop the EU trade agreement with Canada (CETA). In the party’s view, CETA restricts human rights, limits possibilities protect the environment and the climate, and violates the rights of consumers and workers. "It is a poor testimony to the long-running negotiations on the CETA agreement that the result is very likely to be declared unconstitutional because it violates the principles of democracy, the welfare state and the rule of law," Klaus Ernst, co-chair of the parliamentary group, told the press.

Negotiations have concluded and approval is pending for CETA, which are a blueprint for the equally controversial TTIP agreement with the U.S. The latter, negotiated by the European Commission, is also doomed to fail.

Facebook, 19 July 2016

Angela Merkel in China on the Rights of the Strong

“The essence of the rule of law is strong rights, not the rights of the strong,” said Angela Merkel in a recent state visit to China. The Alliance for Democracy agrees with the chancellor. Indeed, we would like to hear these words as a criticism of the constitutional state in Germany.

Constitutional law is shielded by elitist party leaders from (direct) participation by the people. Parties decide, not the people. And anyone who wishes to change this must organize a 2/3 majority in the upper and lower houses, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat (Article 79 II of the Constitution). This qualified majority is an effective way to shut the people out. Thus the law guarantees the power of the strongest.

The strength of the law is on the line. There are no constitutional checks on politicians. The Court affords a broad range of discretion to politicians, or, in other words, politicians can do whatever they want. On the stage of the powerful, the law is an extra.

In theory, everyone can assert the constitutional rights by appealing to the Constitutional Court. In practice, it is different. The success rate of appeals is between 2 and 3 percent. Most of the constitutional appeals are rejected out of hand without comment. The strong, the mighty, have rights. Ordinary citizens, the weak, have none.

“The essence of the rule of law is strong rights, not the rights of the strong.” The rule of law has long ceased to exist in Germany. The rights of the strong prevail.

You may also read the following:

Facebook, 28 June 2016

Insulted eurocrats are raging about the secessionist Brits. Manfred Weber of the European People's Party (EPP) says negotiations of Britain’s exit from the EU should be quick, and Angela Merkel says no cherry-picking should be allowed to seal the deal. Net contributor England has time to exit the EU. Reforms to the EU and in the Eurozone promoted by the British Prime Minister at the beginning of the year were a thorn in the EU’s side. They will never be allowed to happen because any change to the complex structure of the European debt union might lead to the collapse of the euro countries as sovereign debt is repeatedly deferred. This would hardly be the right message to send about the palliative formula of the eurocrats: integration. Which actually means dictatorship, and so the decision for a quick exit jointly proposed by the four parties of the European Parliament is not a slick move by the eurocrats. But it is also a very telling sign: the financial situation leaves them no choice but to pout. The British have won!

Facebook, 28 June 2016

They did it - Brexit is perfect. The British are leaving the EU. More than half, or 52% of votes were cast in favour of leaving. Overall, 46.5 million people, or 72% of registered voters, turned out for the referendum. Therefore, the people decided.

The consequences of this decision will only become apparent in the coming days. In the wake of the vote, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation. The eurocrats will make phone calls, travel around the EU, the stock exchanges will sag and may not stabilize again. It remains to be seen whether chaos or reason will prevail.

The politicians can be blamed for the chaos. They conjured it up, shaped and managed it. All this to save face. This applies to all political parties in all European states. Brexit is the consequence of all the lies that have arisen in the context of the abusive financial policies in Europe and around the world.

Japan has been managing its insolvency for 20 years. The motto is: defer sovereign default. The U.S. even concealed its insolvency in 2008. There should have been a so-called "Black Friday" back then, but the Americans copied the system of deferring sovereign default, and managed their debts, the ongoing crisis and the total collapse. And the EU countries had the same thing in mind. They encouraged the member states to borrow more to put off the collapse again and again. All this is at the expense of investors, retirees and all those who have a state, a community to support.

This perfidious game has been exposed by Brexit. Anyone who still believes that there are EU opponents and supporters is mistaken. At the moment there are only the deceived (the people) and the deceivers (the politicians). It is clear that change must come. It is also clear that the people’s view must prevail in order to end the chaos.

The Alliance for Democracy urges:
  • Emergency laws to change policy and break the power of high finance, and implement above all a sovereign default statute for all euro countries, along with currency reforms

  • The ouster of government leaders

  • Determination of criminal responsibility

  • New elections

  • A national referendum on whether to resume the Schengen Agreement or not

  • Particularly for Germany: establish neutrality with a new constitution, ultimately creating a direct democracy

Read our publications at, in which we discuss the state of the crisis, the failure of politics, the proposal for a sovereign default statute, a new constitution and the introduction of real direct democracy. Our time is now. Let’s follow the British example for long overdue independence and self-determination.

Facebook, 24 June 2016

Dear Readers,

While the U.S. continues to advance its world domination, be it through targeted attacks by its NATO allies, and the situation with ISIS, etc., our politicians are making sure that security at the borders near the European Championship are tightened. With this, countries are declared enemies, though they need not be our enemies at all. The troops are deployed there, even though they should not be used as potential killers. All this happens without consulting the people. And, more importantly, all this happens without informing the people.

We are powerless before a political dictatorship that has no political support. Which proves what the Alliance for Democracy has been saying all along.

Last year, the Alliance for Democracy (MdD) filed a complaint against the head of Germany’s homeland security agency, Hans-Georg Maaßen, for making false accusations. In an overreaction, he had sought charges against, a platform for digital civil liberties, accusing them of treason because they had published secret plans that the intelligence service wanted to expand internet operations to include more targeted surveillance.

You can read about that here: In the article, we discuss how a political overreaction can lead to the resignation of an attorney general, while the person who actually committed the misdeed walks free, despite our complaint, which was dismissed by the prosecutor’s office in Berlin, because of a servile judiciary beholden to politics. You can also read about this on pages 108-116 here:

Best regards,

You MfD team,

Facebook, 15 June 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) expressed her opinion at the CDU-event "MediaNight" in the party’s headquarters in Berlin (source: DPA news agency), saying she is worried about the media’s loss of credibility. According to Merkel, 60 per cent of the public have little or no confidence in the news media. "We all need to be in a good mood," the Chancellor said. It is about sticking together.

Merkel made it clear that she saw quality journalism in Germany coming under enormous time and cost pressures. The question of quality is important, it should not be forgotten, said. She spoke of the "enormous pace" at which news spreads now. Journalists, however, need time to analyse the facts, and publishers need money for high-quality journalistic products, she noted. Then she finally came to the crux of her argument. The chancellor, of course, believes journalistic quality can only be protected by the overall political conditions. Politicians are responsible for establishing the necessary framework conditions for “a strong and free press.” Well, I am sure the current Polish government sees it that way too. Read more about that (p. 108-121) at

Facebook, 5 June 2016

German President Joachim Gauck is throwing in the towel. No matter what Angela does, the pastor does not want to go on. Let us wish him well and wait to see who succeeds him and what happens. Well, it will not be good, because we have nothing good now. Politicians have run out of good. At the moment, anyway, it is not about good or bad - it is about eurocrats or no eurocrats. Anyone who rages against the euro and the illegitimate bailout policy is either right wing or mad, and can hardly be expected to assume the presidency of the country - we already had one who did. But Wulff had to leave:

Now it is up to politicians to save face in this last phase, the phase in which politicians will explain that the euro is done. Surely they will conceal the fact that they are to blame for it. They will want to make sure that no profits can be made on pensions, financial security and other investments for years, except by the banks, which already make profits, while investors make barely anything, as well they should not because the banks must be saved by the people, no matter how.

Gauck was allowed to announce that he was leaving. Merkel still has some hurdles to get past, such as the crucial test of the TTIP and CETA. You can read our article on this here:

We are also pleased to be able to award to the chancellor and outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama our most beautiful prize for the most political of all misconduct: our "Bomb of the Week" – read about it here:

Let us hope that the departing spirits will be aware of how much they have failed, and let’s hope that the means they used to escape legal scrutiny will still catch up with them some day. Let us also hope that the new "Hitler" coming from the USA cannot realize his reign of terror.

Facebook, 5 June 2016

In a Facebook post on 7 May 2016, we called on the people’s representatives to finally take a stand against the CETA and the TTIP free trade agreements. We have now sent a letter to the members of of the German Bundestag, repeating our call. We enclosed a report prepared by the Alliance for Democracy [] noting the harm that CETA/TTIP will cause.

Regarding the same issue, we also wrote to Minister President of the German state of Thuringia, Mr. Bodo Ramelow, who, as the representative of the Left Party, should understand what CETA/TTIP is all about. Although the Left as a federal party is at the mercy of the power games of the Grand Coalition, there must be a way to influence the vote on CETA/TTIP in the Bundestag as a decision of conscience and not according to party loyalty.

The President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Andreas Voßkuhle, once asked for the vote on the ESM / Fiscal Compact – which was, as we remember, the greatest deception ever, especially since ESM loans are covered only with other loans. We can surely be sceptical that a conscientious decision was taken in Parliament at that time.

CETA/TTIP is also a deception, because it runs against both European economic and American principles. Read our appeal to our people's representatives [] und an die LINKE in Thüringen [].

In the meantime, other organizations have begun to challenge CETA in court. Die Zeit reports on the joint complaint filed by the citizen initiatives Campact, Foodwatch, and Mehr Demokratie [], in which every citizen can participate:

The attempts to delay the agreements will all fail because the Constitutional Court will not recognize any of these organizations as "concerned parties," which was the case with the ESM too. At that time, the Alliance for Democracy also filed an action but it was ruled inadmissible as well. From this we learned that democracy in our country no longer counts. The rules for citizens to be able to appeal directly to the Constitutional Court make it all but impossible. It was for this reason that the Alliance for Democracy went directly to the people’s representatives. They alone have the power to bring the appropriate action before the nation’s highest court. The time we will see how far these representatives of the people are permitted or are able to act on behalf of the people. If they file no action on behalf of the people, Germany is lost as a democratic, social state and economic power.

Facebook, 1 June 2016

Around €243 billion euros have been paid to Greece in the three bailout packages. The money flowed as loans from the Eurozone countries and via the EFSF and ESM bailout plans - some of which were provided by the IMF. We know we will never see the money again. We also know the Greeks are being kept on life support: receiving loans to pay off loans. This generates more debt, which can be offset by a fifth bailout package. And so on and so on. The country will not recover, which is what Europe and the IMF want. The alternative would be unbearable, because it would mean that all of the political powers that have been clinging to the euro would have to admit that the bailouts have failed and that and orderly exit from the euro is very unlikely. Moreover, no one knows where the funds for the bailout come from because the loans granted to the euro-crazy countries are not backed by capital. The balance sheets of the EFSF and the ESM have been faked. Read about that here:, and here:

The aid to the Greeks is not aiding them at all. It is based on lies, fraud and a lack of ethics.

Facebook, 25 May 2016

Integration is the secret word of 2016. Politicians and aid organizations are talking about integration, but the refugees, who have been coming to us for a few months, what are they talking about? They came here to find some peace.

Those who flee their country are fleeing from something. Anyone who has ever been in a crisis zone know that it is terrifying. It takes months to deal with the anxiety that overtakes you when your life is turned upside down. Perhaps some of the refugees want to stay in Germany, in which case they need to find employment, a home, make friends. When looking for work, they come up against a wall, however. Either the pay is low or companies do not want to hire refugees.

Politicians worry that if the integration of refugees into the labour market fails, the cost to the government will reach €400 billion. This is the finding of a study by the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) commissioned by the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The study can be downloaded here: []. However, the study also concluded that the cost of integration would be offset by €20 billion if it succeeds – small consolation.

Economist Holger Bonin, who conducted the study, concluded that the faster the refugees are integrated into our society, especially in the labour market, and paying taxes and social security, the lower the burden will be on Germany’s national budget, i.e. on the taxpayer. If integration takes 20 years or more, the burdens on the state budget will mount, since the taxes and contributions paid by the new citizens, even with all other workers, to cover the additional expenses for benefits such as child allowances or the funding of state infrastructure, will not be enough.

The bottom line is that the taxpayer will incur huge costs, and the supposed profits will be elusive. Oh well, we are accustomed to misery. We know that Germany is bankrupt, and that the national budget is held together with gimmicks. If the crash comes, at least we will be freed from the chaos and the euro-crazy politicians. It's only a pity that we cannot offer a future to the people who fled their countries to come here.

Facebook, 18 May 2016

It is understandable that the British are thinking about leaving the EU. They wanted to profit from the euro, but it just didn’t work out. As a net contributor, the British are liable for the costs of euro-mania and want out. No wonder! Read about that here:

A Europe without the euro is possible -

There are many alternatives. All of them require the abolition or modification of conventional party politics:

On this subject, we recommend an article by Bianca Thon:

Another article on the subject is:

Facebook, 17 May 2016

Despite revelations about the TTIP that prove how much this agreement will harm us all, the German chancellor wants to stick to the free trade agreement and urges negotiations to be concluded in accordance with the wishes of the U.S. The Alliance for Democracy asks: Why? The TTIP does not need the approval of EU politicians. Actually, it needs no one's approval. All of the euro-countries are broke – just like the U.S. A slight increase in interest rates, initiated by the ECB or the Fed, meant immediate bankruptcy for all the aforementioned countries. The world banks regulate the market. They will regulate the standards of all markets in the future. It’s strange that the plans devised by big business and politicians benefit them, albeit for different reasons. Politicians have lost control over and can no longer influence high finance. Politicians have to save face, however, if they want the voters to take them seriously at election time. So they support big business in order to maintain pseudo-power over them, which benefits politicians. High finance can do as it pleases because it controls the economy and the state, and is based solely on profits. Every deal brings profits.

We're all obliged to just take this. The Alliance for Democracy therefore calls on the so-called people's representatives: Please seek an injunction against the TTIP and other trade agreements so that they are not implemented.

Please see our essays at

Facebook, 7 May 2016

Whatever is happening in Greece is being kept out of the media, at least in Germany. Which is probably better, since there is nothing good to report. We continue to grant more loans to pay off old loans so that the ailing country’s debt has now doubled since last year.

Greeks official statistical authority confirmed this just a few days ago. Greece's budget deficit in 2015 rose to €12.8 billion euros. Debt in comparison to economic output, the budget balance, was 7.2%. In 2014, it had stood at 2.7 percent.

This makes it clear that the so-called aid programmes provide no aid at all. They come up empty, but we are liable for immense and steadily increasing sums. The loans do not reduce the debt burden. Unfortunately, the eurocrats are sticking to their failed aid policy, and continue to pay off old debts with new debts.

Greece should leave the euro to end its suffering. Read more here:

The latest figures must tell the politicians something, i.e. that we cannot keep sinking billions and billions of euros into Greece forever, because this threatens the stability of the euro. The hitherto short-term perspective must ultimately also lead to a more lasting solution at the political level: Free the Greeks!

Facebook, 3 May 2016

Yet more evidence of the sham democracy in Germany: According to the DPA news agency: The Constitutional Court rejected a claim by the Left Party for more rights for the opposition in the Bundestag.

The opposition Green Party and the Left Party hold a combined 127 of 630 seats in the Bundestag. And that is not enough to assert the minority rights established in the Constitution against the Grand Coalition of the CDU, CSU and SPD, which requires at least a quarter of the total seats (Az. 2 BvE 4/14) © dpa. See also:

Facebook, 3 May 2016

An organized protest against the organized dumbing down of the people is one way to describe yesterday's demonstration in Hannover. Tempers are flaring over the TTIP and other trade agreements. Opponents, like the proponents, are pursuing their goals. While there are still disagreements between the U.S. and the EU, after Obama’s visit to Germany and the upcoming summit in Brussels, the process to approve the TTIP is on the fast track, with CETA and TISA coming up behind. And Angela Merkel is helping to push them through.

Outgoing President Barack Obama wants these to be his crowning achievements. Angela Merkel does not see the downside to these agreements: wage and welfare dumping, arbitration courts mediating between the existing legal systems, despite the doubts, and ensuring that standards in the EU and in Germany are circumvented.

In backing the TTIP, Merkel is supporting a new stage in the continuing proliferation of predatory capitalism, in which high finance is now allowed to intervene in commerce. Until now, the problem was that capitalism was overrunning the rule of law and excluding citizen participation because of the greed of high finance, after it reaped big profits. It is no longer the market but high finance which rules the economy. One advantage of having these new leaders is that all politicians have become irrelevant, and we can spare ourselves governments and parliaments. This will allow us to be rid of Angela Merkel, but would then have to fear the consequences of the megalomania, which would inevitably lead to collapse. This would cause suffering for an infinite number of people. It would be similar to the situation at the turn of the century in 1900. There will be countless people without work, people with no pension plan who will die young for lack of medical care. A few, who have sufficient financial resources, will have a longer, healthy, prosperous life.

As a representative of the people, Angela Merkel backs the TTIP because it reinforces her delusion about a united Europe. Since the TTIP is based on false assumptions, the opposite is the case: If the EU were not so intent on clinging to its bailout schemes, it could reject the inhumane agreement offered by the U.S. and instead make real moves to improve cooperation between nations. The countries involved could mutually forgive their debts, reform their currencies and accept the rules of the market as an economic alliance.

The proponents of the TTIP are unconvincing. They paint a gloomy picture that recalls a time we all thought we had long since overcome. They defend an erroneous capitalist system and propose measures that exacerbate the existing crisis. It is appalling how little courage and real purpose our politicians, above all the German chancellor, show in standing up to them. The pillars on which the EU Member States stand are made of clay. Chancellor Merkel, and all leaders in the EU are guilty of inhumane acts and betrayal in covering this up. Please read our essays on this subject at:

Facebook, 24 April 2016

The DPA news agency reports that for the first time in U.S. history the portrait of a black woman will be on a bank note. Harriet Tubman, a slave who escaped and helped free many others, will appear on the $20 bill, the Treasury Department announced:

“The Life of Harriet Tubman is one of the great American stories,” said Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew. “It’s a story that reflects American values, American democracy, but also the power of individuals to make a difference in our democracy.”

Tubman was born on a plantation in Maryland, and after 1850 worked on the network of secret routes known as the “Underground Railroad” to bring other slaves to freedom. Later, she became involved in the women's movement. She died on 10 March 1913.

Now, here’s the interesting part: On the current $20 bill is the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Jackson served from 1829 to 1837, and is considered an oppressor of the Native American peoples, i.e. a misanthrope. Not that Jackson will have to give way to Tubman on the bill because of these transactions. No, poor Harriet Tubman is doomed to share space on it with this racist. Tubman goes on the front, Jackson on the back. Such a mixed message reflects the nature of the U.S.: Friendly, democratic values in the foreground, with misanthropes who abuse and pervert such values lurking in the background.

The decision was preceded by a protracted debate. Grassroots initiatives like "Women on $20s" have long sought to break the hold of the men’s club on banknotes.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, a Democrat, authored a legislative bill that proposed, among other women, Harriet Tubman. Now, she is claiming victory. The only two women appearing on U.S. banknotes so far have been Martha Washington, wife of the first U.S. President, and Pocahontas. The question is whether the current situation can yet be considered a victory.

Facebook, 21 April 2016

Twenty years ago today, EU finance ministers agreed in Verona to convert to a European currency. At the time, the euro was not called a euro, but the European Community currency. The name Euro is attributed to then German Finance Minister Theo Waigel. Waigel was Minister of Finance from 1989 to 1998. As CDU chairman from 1988 to 1999, he was significantly involved in the introduction of the euro.

There were numerous protests against the euro, which were widely ignored by the press, and the community currency was introduced in the countries that decided to participate. Today, these 19 countries make up what is called the Eurozone or the Euro 19.

Each of these countries is now enormously indebted. None of them can reduce their debts through tax revenues or other measures such as special levies. All of these countries have been instructed to agree to debt restructuring, which includes the 19 euro countries forgiving debt for each other.

This "community currency" project, once ambitiously touted by the politicians, was intended to facilitate trade between the Member States of the European Economic Community and led to the elimination of the individual currencies of the EU countries. It might have facilitated trade, but it also destroyed economic and financial policy structures. This resulted in the financial crisis of the EU member states.

On the 20th anniversary of the euro, the bailouts, the political manoeuvring and the lies have not succeeded in saving but in destroying Europe. Lies continue to be spread to this day about the state of the euro and Europe. Over €2 billion in Germany and €10 billion (in all of Europe) are missing from the public coffers. The crisis is not ending. The debts are being continuously replaced by more debts.

On the 20th anniversary of the euro, we would like to recommend our book " The German Disaster: How the Germans were cheated of their Democracy and why the Prospects for Europe can scarcely be better" - There, starting on p. 84, you will find the historical context, and on p. 111 you can read about the European nightmare and all of its consequences. After 20 years, all we have to show are the lies and deceit of the politicians. Not a good omen on the anniversary.

Facebook, 13 April 2016

The more than one third of the Hartz IV beneficiaries who have registered objections to the penalties imposed by the job centre were justified in doing so. This can be inferred from a reply from the Federal Government to a request from the Left Party parliamentary group, which can be read in the "Rheinische Post." In 2015, all or part of about 18,600 objectives were found to be legitimate in some 51,000 cases; 5,867 cases landed in court 2,325 times, the judge reviewing the objections of the Hartz IV recipients said.

Left Party chairwoman Katja Kipping said these figures confirm that penalties and denial of benefits for Hartz IV beneficiaries should be abolished, as her party has demanded. The figures show that the imposition of the penalties is largely illegal.

Filing an objection is worthwhile, especially considering the amount of money involved. You can read our article on this topic here: And you can download a sample objection here: (

Facebook, 8 April 2016

In the Netherlands, 61 percent voted against the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement. This may not please the Eurocrats, so the possibility of circumventing the referendum is being examined. Firstly, they are considering whether the vote meets the requirements for it to be legally binding. The press, meanwhile, is reporting on the negative signals coming from the EU, which - as always - are come only from populists, against whom the so-called EU democracy is supposed to protect us.

However, the fact is that the uproar about the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement is unjustified, at least as it concerns branding the Dutch as unfriendly to the EU. The agreement has long been in effect.

It includes economic, cultural and political provisions. It was signed by the EU member states on 21 March 2014 during one of the countless EU summits, and has been in force since November 2014. The economic provisions were added early this year. The Agreement has taken effect provisionally, subject to ratification by all Member States. Since not all of them will ratify it, unless the government coalition in the Netherlands collapses, the agreement will continue in effect as before and remain provisional.

Evidently, the relevant legal regulations say nothing about how long the agreement may remain provisional. This might have been accidental or deliberately designed as a hedge against EU action, and we wouldn’t want the agreement to be endangered by the opinions of the people.

The case shows how subtle omissions of legal details can be used to circumvent democratic principles. This case also shows how democracy in the EU is all but impossible, since agreements are concluded by excluding public opinion. In addition, disputed information in the press has helped conceal the true circumstances and cover up the undemocratic actions of the EU, while seizing the opportunity to identify and challenge the guilty, even though it is the EU that is guilty.

This sad case is just another to add to the long list of frauds or “Euro crimes” committed against legal and democratic principles. The Alliance for Democracy says: Phooey!

Facebook, 7 April 2016

Sometimes life is beautiful. Like when we have to consider whether 400 journalists from around the world have worked at a law firm in Panama providing financial advice to people. This at a time that we have had to watch as the EU bows to the tin dictator Erdogan. After all, his name has not shown up in the so-called Panama papers in the headlines. So, let’s hope for transparency and that others have yet to be named at some point. In addition, we hope to expose the offshore companies that were actually depositing funds there, even though these would have to be reported to the tax authorities of many countries. We will therefore see whether such fraud will be exposed, and whether, as a result, there are changes to the tax laws. You can read our articles on this subject here, and this one, too:

Facebook, 5 April 2016

Please see this article as well: It proves that the Greek loans will never be repaid, which means that the German treasury will have a deficit that will have to be made up by the taxpayers. This will not please the voters and concerns the lies of Mr. Schäuble, who continues to claim that the German budget is balanced. You can read our article at and

We are being deceived – in a systematically and calculated way. You can read our new publication, which exposes and explains the greatest of all political frauds, here:

Facebook, 5 April 2016

The two leaders of the right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany are at loggerheads. Instead of getting down to work after the recent successes in the regional elections, the platform for which sounds very much like the party platform of the CDU/CSU in the 1980s, they are arguing about how inappropriate the comments about the use of firearms were.

Party chairwomen Frauke Petry criticized statements made by her colleague Beatrix von Storch, a member of the European Parliament, as "appalling," while von Storch maintained that the party chief is to blame. "Frauke Petry started the debate about the use of firearms," she told the German daily Bild. "That was a big mistake.”

In an interview with the newspaper Mannheimer Morgen (1/2016), Petry called for the use of firearms to prevent illegal border crossings. Von Storch defended this position on Facebook. When a Facebook user asked, “Do you really want to used armed force to the stop women and children on the grassy field from crossing?”, she answered, “Yes,” although she qualified her reply later.

Two months later, Petry was asked about the matter in an interview with Bunten: "What Beatrix said was appalling. I do not want anyone killed.” She said she has never suggested that people should be shot at on the border. She was only referring to the use of firearms. “This may only mean a warning shot.”

This controversy shows how much electoral success can go to the head, but it also shows what the AfD is about, which is to rule alone at the top. The question is whether Petry will be pushed out by von Storch, or vice-versa, and what secrets will come to light with the departure of one of the two women. Because this is what always follows these power struggles.

Facebook, 5 April 2016

State Acts, State Pacts

In November 2015, the EU and Turkey agreed on an action plan to reduce the number of refugees. But the plan did not work and thousands of refugees continued to arrive in Greece. That is why a second deal had to be negotiated by the EU, and Angela Merkel in particular, with Turkey. This was celebrated as a breakthrough, and is an example, like so many others, of Merkel’s manipulative politics.

Her specialty is apparently to offer the other party meaningless solutions until the latter finally finds the right solution on their own. This is likely to please the most eager negotiating partner, and then Angela Merkel can feign innocence. This game of manipulation to stop illegal immigration, about which Angela Merkel talks a lot but does little, resulted in Turkey presenting a proposal at the special Brussels Summit. Under this proposal, Turkey would not only take back the economic refugees who made it to the Turkish mainland from Greece, but Greece could also send all Syrian war refugees who reached the Greek islands in boats from the Turkish coast back to Turkey. The proposal was justified for “humanitarian reasons.” No more children, women and men should be allowed to drown in the Aegean Sea. Smugglers should not be allowed to profit from the misery of the refugees.

Twenty-eight EU member states were blindsided when Merkel, Tusk, Rutte and Juncker, as well as Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu negotiated the deal alone, and the EU partners risked losing face if they did not accept it. Now the deal is done. It’s clear that humanity is much more expensive than the EU thought. At first it was €3 billion, but now it is €6 billion that is to be sent to Turkey by 2018.

Although it can’t afford it, the EU has donated money to Turkey to prevent it from reaching a pact with Russia, whom Turkey needs. Turkey is accused of multiple violations of human rights and legal violations, and is led by a dictator, but the EU needs the country for itself. In Berlin, they don’t believe the EU can cope with two dictators, but Putin is the least dangerous or more predictable of the two, despite any problems the EU has with the country and its sovereign lord. Erdogan will blackmail the EU, so the EU has to let itself be blackmailed.

Even if this deal is successfully implemented, Angela Merkel has said Turkey should not bank on admission to the EU, we know that the opposite is true because of Merkel’s manipulative strategy. Merkel’s intention is to plant this idea in the head of one of the bigwigs at the EU and make him believe it was his own. We won’t know if the plan is successful until the state leaders meet again in Brussels.

Facebook, 30 March 2016

Dear Readers,

Bombs have exploded in Brussels, killing 34 people and injuring more than 200. The dream of a united Europe that our federal government continues to promote is shaken again. The question now is whether this politically transfigured mirage can endure at all under the current conditions. Read out latest article on this subject at

The people who died in Paris in November and now in Brussels are political casualties. They are casualties of terror, inflamed by the conduct of the United States in Syria and other countries. So, as we mourn the dead in France and Belgium, we do it with the knowledge that these murders are part of a plan by the U.S., which is also aimed at Europe: a war plan. Read our article, "With Open Arms – Refugees in Germany," in our latest publication:

We remember all victims of terrorism as we hope for a peaceful Easter.

Your MfD team

Facebook, 24 March 2016

An American in Cuba. This may be a surprise, but Cuba is broke. Just like the former East Germany (GDR), Cuba, which may be the last bastion of socialist society, has been saved by the Americans. First comes the president with his family, then tourists are allowed into the country, bringing foreign currency with them. Hopefully things don’t end up like they did in 1961.

After all, Cuba is ruled by the youngest of the Castro brothers, who is supposedly aware that there is a world out there, as well as other countries. We hope this magical paradise is not sullied by American junk, like McDonalds, or at least not by the high financiers, and that Cuba is ready to accept help so that it may modernize without losing its soul.

Facebook, 22 March 2016

Dear Readers,

There are elections coming up in three of Germany’s federal states. In view of the empty coffers and the years of fraud committed by the national parties against their constituents, the time for political change is overdue. The CDU/CSU coalition and the SPD must go.

Both of these national parties have failed. They have plunged Germany and Europe into a crisis like no other in history. Europe stands before economic collapse. Germany is neither a constitutional state nor a social welfare state but merely an appendage to eurocratic machinations with debt it can no longer pay.

With the ECB having set interest rates to zero yesterday, it has become clear that investors, savers, and above all future pensioner, have lost. The crash is inevitable. It will come unless there is immediate currency reform.

Read about the greatest public fraud of all time here:

... and make good choices when you vote.

Your MfD team

Facebook, 11 March 2016

Angela Merkel remains stubborn. This was evident at the recent Euro Summit. Although many countries are closing their borders, the German chancellor insists that Europe will break up if the borders are closed to the refugees.

The Chancellor said the same thing about the euro. We have all heard it by now: "If the euro fails, so does Europe," but Europe is not failing because of the euro or the refugee crisis. Europe is failing because of the eurocrats deceitful policies. Brussels is fully aware of the dimensions of the Eurozone debt, and that it can never be repaid:

The stubbornness of the chancellor can only mean that she is concerned with saving her own skin, which is threatened by all the political lies and missteps of her political career.

Europa and Germany do not need the euro. There are alternatives [] and Europe can survive without the euro. Read more here:

Facebook, 7 March 2016

Horst Seehofer need not bundle up. The Bavarian Minister President is lucky that the weather in Moscow is not much colder than it is here. Why Merkel did not go to Moscow to discuss the matter at hand is incomprehensible, because she had made statements clarifying Germany’s position on the Ukraine after her visit in May of last year - at least that is what the German media reported.

Seehofer is concerned that fewer foreigners are coming to Europe, which is to say Germany. What he thinks Putin can do about this is a matter of pure speculation, and Angela Merkel has insisted that the sanctions against Russia will be upheld [] and the Ukraine crisis is a debacle for which Germany has no solution. Read more here:

All the same, the visit has some in the coalition gnashing their teeth, although the SPD and Angela Merkel welcome the trip. Naturally, no one is willing to admit that one of the coalition parties is heading down some strange paths. There is one proven way for politicians to deal with such situations: Just grin and bear it.

Facebook, 4 February 2016

Dear Readers,

The U.S. is not shy about enforcing its interests. The Americans alone know what is good and evil and decide for the rest of the world. War will not be declared on anyone who benefits the U.S., who supplies the U.S. with cheap natural resources or other goods, and does what the U.S. wants. Anyone who does not meet these requirements faces American firepower. Read our latest essay on the topic of Syria here:…/beschluss_des_bundestag….

Your MfD team

Facebook, 19 January 2016

Dear Readers,

All governments of the euro countries and all EU officials have known for a long time how bad things are for the euro - The cost of their silence has been tremendous for citizens, who are liable for the postponement of bankruptcy and all of the aid money – although they have not been informed of this fact. There are even more breaches of the law on the agenda to rectify this.[] – judges bound by instructions rule in favour of politicians. Legal protection for citizens has been revoked: The failure of the chancellor is complete – the euro has reached its end; Angela Merkel is also finished, but what will happen to Europe? There are alternatives - It can work without the euro. It was nothing more than an obsession: The foundation of Europe is the Schengen Agreement. The single currency was only used to delay the insolvency of the member states with a hidden conversion of the European currencies and to save face for the politicians who refused to believe how quickly and forcefully the common currency would face a crisis and what the consequences of this would be. This was foreseeable right from the introduction of the euro. Now we are witnessing its end, but even this is being staged by the politicians. Suddenly, with a wave of refugees, we are witnessing the last act of the farce “The Euro’s Last Days.” Politicians assume no responsibility for this. The chancellor’s motto has gone from “We can do it” to “We didn’t do it.” Someone has to be responsible.

How lucky that there is a continuous stream of refuges that has overburdened everything. The helper is now helpless. The budgets of Germany and the rest of the EU member states cannot adapt to Merkel’s policy.

The expert opinion issued by Constitutional Court Judge Udo di Fabio takes this same line. He has come to the following conclusion: "With its refusal to control the nation’s borders, the federal government is clearly violating constitutional law.” []. This opinion (commissioned by the Free State of Bavaria) sounds as though it came right from Horst Seehofer’s own heart. It certainly serves the chancellor, because now she can resign. It remains to be seen whether the chancellor will formally resign, or leave through a back door. Casting off a dictator is not easy, and doesn’t happen without causing some damage. Some damage had already happened: The legal system, which had given the impression that anyone who silently embraced dozens of violations of the law could now count on the backing of the courts, has rediscovered its role with a reproving face. Even the press is attempting to wash its hands of Merkel’s policies. The “lying press” is a term often used against the media. We have given this some thought and written a satire. You can read it here:

In anticipation of more news about the end of the euro, best regards from

Your MfD team

Facebook, 15 January 2016

Dear Readers,

New Year's Eve 2015 will go down in German history as the night of the sexual-assault gangs. A shame. After many complaints that will surely be impossible to clarify, and a few prosecutions, some questions will need to be answered. How could these men coordinate these acts in four cities at the same time? How did the men who met for this so-called flash mob get there? Were they driven to Bielefeld, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart in a bus? Who recruited them? Who sent them to these locations to commit these crimes? Why were we informed so late and, as always, so inaccurately about these event?

Over the next few days, the mass media will serve up some answers. Maybe find a few scapegoats to be chased out of the country. However, we must always ask: Is that really how it happened? What are the actual facts in this case?

With the information we have so far, it appears that these actions were planned. A kind of terrorism designed to unsettle the German people. But, why? After it came out that the police had withheld information, the news media attempted to cast off their image as the “lying press” by saying that they were uninformed and therefore could not inform the public. This is clearly inadequate, because the press’s job is to investigate and discover. This case shows that the press was deliberately manipulated by this cover-up of the facts. And this all happened as the chancellor’s refugee-acceptance policy is being debated around the world. The masterminds of these crimes may not be located, but they are surely hiding where they always do: in Germany’s state capitals. In this regard, we recommend our first text of the New Year, which brings the nation’s problems down to a common denominator, and demonstrates, unfortunately, how the failures of government have left Germany, like Europe, with few options for the future. Read about it here:

Your MfD team

Facebook, 8 January 2016
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Final move
European rating agency
The last elections
Hartz-IV is enough
Mr. Putin, please cry!
No longer worth anything
Free trade agreement
1st September 2014
The election in Saxony
Special European Summit
Bankers are counting on it
Debt cut á la state
Immigrants criticised
Unbelievable assets
Bundesbank closes Money Museum
Lawsuit against bank union
Only the penitent …
ECB stability report
Cowardly warriors
The financial industry has learnt nothing
Bribery of MP’s
They are also blind on 2.
The Stability Pact
Avoid Obama
Thoughts on Merkel's birthday
Megalomania’s children
Niebel’s Low Points
On László Andor’s speech
Snowden should say nothing
Reduction of interest rates
OECD report
A great blunder
Germany as a driver of growth?
Farewell, housing allowance
Sick health service
The EU Commission knows about popular deception
Draghi gives a warning
Self-praise stinks
A forced affair of the heart
Drawn from left to right
The aftermath of an election
65 years of the Basic Law
Who will save the life-insured?
Minimum wage
Minimum Wage I
Minimum Wage II
Minimum wage III
Minimum wages IV
The minimum wage V
Arise for revolution
The European elections are an act of dictatorship
Switzerland and Europe
Protection of the Constitution and services
The impossible triangle
The standard pension
Schäuble tricks again
The old “Welt”
The Union wears the trousers
Zeroes – commas – nothing!
Book publication
Court Condemns Politicians
The highest German court
Parties for the European election
Freedom of the press
Dispensation from obligations
European Elections
European election
The resurrection of "doctor" Schavan
Per capita assets
Federal Constitutional Court – Accrued gain and provision
ESM - ECB - the flood of debt
The hysterical Republic
Review proceedings against Wulff
The own goal of the High Court
Judges helpless
Schavan and zu Guttenberg
Human rights
Counterfeit money and false fifties
Fight against tax fraud?
New fellow citizens
So many ministers
Democracy the Turkish way
But will every European pay?
Data protection
Tax havens
Free Trade Agreement
Data thieves at work
Expropriation of the citizen
Soon without cash
NSA Investigation Committee
Dutch rating agencies
Officials in the German Bundestag
Snub for banks
Repeated deception of the people
GroKo = Große Kosten (great costs)
The sluts of the SPD
What the grand coalition will present to us
Federal Public Prosecutor versus the NSA
The new “tithe”
The people’s sense of justice
Trauma of coalition negotiations
When will it finally come, the Constitution for the united Germany?
Investors and savers
Finally, Mr. Ströbele
Church and State
Left party politics
Is the Constitution democratically legitimised?
Needs must when the devil drives
Wiki-Leaks +
The CDU and its donors
State of emergency
High finance and party-politics
People and stock market
The person and their office
With full intent
Private retirement provision
It’s all about the quota
Deception over the Fiscal Pact
The failure of the government
Not really more money for the unemployed
Surpluses in health
Euro rescue by means of inflation
Asylum for the Chancellor
Discussion over democracy
Complaint against ...
The apparent vote ...
Courage, Mrs. Merkel!
Paid E-mailing
Only one month to go
Siegfried the Brave
Draghi wants more...
Fraud by forecast
Germany illegitimate
Election gifts
Left out
Youth unemployment
Public relations...
Leaders in politics
The rubble women
Every effort ...
Berlin Joint Welfare...
The casino of Cyprus
Ratings and bank union
A Conservative party...
Employees of public...
Bank union
lose links and ...
Democracy in Germany
Our money is not safe
Out of order
More spirit of ...
TV duel
France in need
Finances in the ...
False average
The fight against corruption
Parliamentary absentees
Bravo, Mr. Weidmann!
At the end, Mrs. Lagarde?
On the subject of Cyprus
The wool has been ... I
The wool has been ... II
The problem of inertial ...
Schroeder’s homage
Gay marriage: only policy
The budget in NRW was ...
Penalties for bankers
Bank bailout fund
The female quota
News about the Euro rescue
The war of the currencies
Stalemate in Italy
Merkel’s interests
NPD ban
Rating agencies
War-games again
S&P’s in the stocks
Political control
Mrs. Schavan, how...
Begging at a high level
Spain in the trend
Treaties between friends
Joint determination...
The most blatant lie...
Lower Saxony has...
Elections in Lower Saxony
Why have we called...
Something is rotten...
Secret agreements
Wulff has done...
Outcray against the ...
Politics is breaking ...
In the trap
The Target-2 system
The Devil returns home
Members’ salaries
The last
Bankruptcy regulations...
The energy revolution
Bank rescue
Inactivity of the ...
So much eeriness at ...
Bad management is ...
Goodbye, Greece
General strike
Media in a fog
Euro Finance Week
The Berlin Bazaar
Careless love
The suffering basis...
Rescue packages ...
Election of the ...
Steinbrück’s earnings
EU Summit in October
Aurea mediocritas
The veneering process
They have lied to us
All scapegoats together
Double accounting
Tour de force
Testament of poverty
€ 8 more
In honour of Helmut Kohl
People have no respect
Nonsense and insanity
Pensions are not safe
Serial Merkel
Bad, bad, bad
People are not ...
Kohl’s merits
Deliberate false statements
Outwardly fine, inwardly...
Gabriel goes underground?
Kohl’s Ghost
Hopeless bankruptcy delay
Open for business
Outcry against the ESM
2nd Outcry against the ESM
Fiscal Pact
Government bonds
Germany is bankrupt
Loss of democracy
Deception of investors
Merkel Referendum
The election in NRW
Ongoing election campaign
The aberrations of E. Pols
Speaking ban
Criminal complaints
Fear of publicity
Top experts
Real, direct democracy
Get rid of German President
Back-door politics
Competition for the office
Angela's wrinkles
Vultures gather
2011- System correction
Rating Agency Foundation
Contact men
Leading politicians
Transfer union
Membership fees
Referendum S21
Misplaced doctors
State Trojan horses
Petitions ignored
The lever effect
Bonds by the ECB
Member states
No access
Political lobbyism
Conditions like in the East
Sponsorship funds
Development aid
The transfer procedure
GER is doing itself away
Rescue packages
Supercrash in USA and EU
The 'Soli'-Lie
Vladimir Putin
A plea for direct democracy
Distrust of the Chancellor
More control
Flight of capital
Euro summit
It's war
The C in CDU and CSU
Deceit and lies
Germany getting screwed
Investments in countries
The illusion of a ...
General statements
GER-insurance society
Debt brake
Costs of members
Deceit and lies
Retirement provision
Medal of Freedom
Euro-thugs / Polit-thugs
We are the people
Security authorities
National debt and ...
Apology from the bankers
The Merkel Adventure
Party Competences
The East-Mark, ... ,Euro
Sister Merkel
Ruck-Rede & Oath of Office
The casino operation
Rescue Reactor
Euro rescue