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A Morsel in Florence

Brötchen is a very German thing. German’s traveling abroad in Europe miss it. European bread and pasta products have little to do with these little German rolls. However, anyone who must suffer through a political debate based on research about the state of the European Union in Florence, will quickly notice: The Europeans are baking little Brötchen .
In the Union, after all, there is peace. A union of bankrupt states. That is probably the most important finding coming out of this conference in Florence. A truism. If it were any other way, then the German people, who are uninformed, would have noticed something. But there is Brötchen . Sometimes even fresh.
Many other issues were discussed in Florence, including, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung noted on 7 May 2015, “the Crisis, the Worst Economic Crisis Ever,” and it is bemoaned that “in Great Britain and in Greece there are serious discussions about leaving the monetary union. Anti-European parties are on the rise in many countries. There is still no convincing response to the tragic maritime disasters of the past years with thousands of deaths on the Mediterranean.”
Sometimes it is worth it to take poorly trained staff who have never learned to make a value judgment and send them to a meeting, which could at least be combined with shopping for Florentine pasta products, to encourage findings for a German newspaper that correspond to a political desire not to educate the people. This is what happened with the article by Helene Bubrowski, who says regarding the hustle and bustle of the conference participants in Florence: “Researchers from the (European University Institute in Florence) have prepared their own studies on some of the conference topics.”
Their own studies! Yes, now when’s the last time you saw that!
This insightful comment goes hand in hand with another: “The populist movements have gained momentum, according to (political scientist Hanspeter) Kriesi, particularly in the countries which have been hit particularly hard by the crisis, including Greece, Great Britain and Hungary.”
It is puzzling how Ms. Bubrowski, so poorly prepared and clearly overwhelmed by the significance of the Florentine event, was sent to cover this conference. Or, perhaps it is not so puzzling: It would have been irresponsible to send a reporter who would have recognized in Florence that Europe is screwed because the euro is screwed. Of course, nicer words would have been used. When such a junket goes off so smoothly, are we not permitted to ask who paid for the whole thing? Bubrowski did not rise to the occasion.
The German people will have to continue to be uninformed, but they have their Brötchen . A full belly makes people sluggish. The “Süddeutsche” didn’t really need anything more.