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By way of good news …

The “Zeit” is pursuing its readers at the moment with a special series – all good news. There is talk of the magnificent progress of democracy in the Arab countries; along the lines of European democracy. And also even in countries such as China and Cuba. Actually the Arab world is hovering between dictatorship and Sharia law dictatorship and seeking an order which is aimed probably neither at joint determination by the people, nor equal rights and free speech. It is certainly always a matter of interpretation, but democracy which has degenerated into dictatorship, as in the European countries, can hardly be considered as a model.
Then the “Zeit” speaks of do-gooders, whose absolute intention is to be voluntarily involved in sports clubs, such as the “Green Ladies” or old-age companions, trainers or anywhere else. Yes, Germany has plenty of volunteers who sometimes don’t want to admit how much they are involved, and how much time they spend doing good. The state relies on the support of these heroes, since it has failed to create permanent jobs and employment in general, in order to preserve Germany as a social state, although this has long since ceased to exist. The state is destroying it. The helpers therefore are to be applauded; their dedication is wonderful, but a state which calls itself social should be ashamed of exploiting these helpers. Voluntary work should long since at least have been offset against tax. Telephone calls, car trips, bus or bank cards are all paid for by the helpers themselves – the so-called social state of Germany should at least have the decency to reimburse these costs.
Suddenly the “Zeit” is finding good everywhere in a country whose news should really be anything but good. This gives rise to two questions: Why the good news now, which is actually always there to report, but somehow seems to bypass the journalists – because nobody wants to read good news. And if there is now good news, who does it benefit? It comes at just the right time for the “Zeit”, because it says: Not everything is lost. But that is an illusion. And this is used by politics, which lies and promises that the crisis is long since over, and that our savings are safe, but secretly there is no rescue plan and the people of Europe will simply have to wait to see how the lobbyists, bankers and politicians bring the crisis to an end – including the total loss of value of the Euro or even the crash.
Facts are required: Such as the confiscation of bank accounts, which now faces all of us in Euro-Europe, and which can hardly be a one-off matter, because as the Dutch Euro group head Jeroen Dijsselbloem said: “The reconstruction of the European banks will take place on the model of Cyprus. All bank accounts will be appropriated if necessary.” Europe is on the way to handing its savings over to a few bureaucrats, who only want to save themselves and the ailing banks.
This is the real news of our times, although it is not to be found in the “Zeit”, nor in many other established, allegedly independent, non-partisan and inter-denominational newspapers. There has probably never been such a case of refusal of responsibility, either in politics or in the press. The only good thing is that we are making history. We know where it will lead. We will then have the opportunity to remedy the mistakes. Because the end of the money is not the end of humanity.