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Schäuble’s lies save nobody

Signs and miracles still occur, such as when the Süddeutsche Zeitung freed itself from its muzzle with regard to the actual situation in the Euro world and reported on 29th October 2012 on what little effect the Euro rescue aid is having in Greece, namely none at all. Apart from the fact that no supporting country will ever see any of this money again, it is so totally nonsensical to continue to pump billions into this ailing country, especially since, according to the SZ, the citizens obtain no benefit from these funds. The money flows in a roundabout way to the creditors who are in the process of “reducing Athens’ debts” – by means of significantly reduced interest charges. Now if these are not currency reforms, what are they? And these are supposed to be followed by greater debt reductions (Greece has debts of € 300 billion), and in the meantime delaying of insolvency. The paper writes the Greece’s young people will have to pay taxes for this financial catastrophe until retirement, in order to pay off the debts of their parents. In addition the country would no longer be a partner for the Euro countries for the next 30 years.

In Germany, it is reported instead that the aid funds will go to the benefit of Greek citizens. So: Lies from the speaker’s desk. The paper writes: “It is almost irresponsible how the truth is being dealt with in the Greek crisis.” The talk is of the long overdue report of the ECB, the European Commission and the IMF, which is intended to determine whether Greece should stay in the Euro. Given the hopelessness of the situation however, the report is still awaited – it should have been published in March. Seen in this way, it must have been clear to the Euro rescuers since March 2012 clear that investors have lost all confidence in Greece, and the country has no other alternative than to leave the Euro. The paper demands: Schäuble & Co. should state definitively how bad the situation really is with Greece. The Alliance for Democracy believes: If the ladies & gentlemen in politics could bring themselves to admit that things are no better with Germany, but politics and policy are here caught in the same trap as in Greece, then this would be a means of implementing realistic currency reform in Germany, and still keeping something of what has been saved, and what will be earned in future. And through this idea, Europe would not die, but only a few liar would lose their posts – they would in any case retain their pension, health and care entitlements and could at least get out with a whole skin. The Alliance for Democracy goes along with the “press”, the Wiener Blatt writes, “The pillars of the construction which the Euro Governments have put together are crumbling. Their mistake was to conceal the true dimensions of the crisis for fear of the consequences on the markets and in the respective domestic political debate. Maybe it was also self-deception.”