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Letters to the publishers

In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (9.10.12, p. 12), a German reader living in Paris (or so we assume), writes under the heading “Letters to the publishers” about what sort of Europe we would like or want (which was a subject addressed in the FAZ on 25.9.12). He writes that he would like this subject to become a subject on the mind of every German. We at the Alliance for Democracy would like this too, and we want every German and every Italian, Spaniard etc. to look at his country in the same way, by asking what sort of a Germany, Italy or Spain they want (these countries are examples only, and the same applies for all EU countries and all Euro countries). This FAZ reader would like “the answers to these questions to be based on facts, and not on arousing emotions or fears.” It would also be desirable for “somebody to be heard who has a different vision of Europe, which departs from the continuation of already existing European integration, and is not immediately regarded as an anti-European or Euro-sceptic. The reflex action of simply discounting the path taken as “without any alternative” and pillorying anyone who speaks out against it as a heretic against the EU cult, stifles any fundamental and forward-looking discussion in the bud. Only through this debate can European publicity be created which considers the whole matter in full and formulates its policy in various areas of politics accordingly. Only when a subject is polarised does it become perceived by a wider public.”

For copyright reasons, we cannot reproduce the complete text, but we can say that these few lines embody the complete screwed-up party politics of the present, and its completely exaggerated objectives and expectations, which will lead to what we have already said in many articles, and will again repeat here: There are other approaches to creating a common and united Europe. As things are going currently, this will not happen. Politics is lying, if it claims the opposite. Or, to put it in the words of another reader on this page: “The only way out of the debt trap is the recovery of competitiveness, an economic recovery and thus a strengthening of public finances. An essential requirement for such a development is however a competitive economic performance ratio, which is impossible to achieve with the hopelessly overvalued Euro currency. Only their own currencies with flexible exchange rates can show the indebted countries the way out of the crisis. But unfortunately, the Euro will only fail after Europe has sustained immense damage due to the pig-headed policy of economic dilettantes.” The other direct possibility is a respectable one: the withdrawal of Germany from the EMU.

The result would be an upward revaluation of the German currency (whatever it is finally called), which in turn would bring about the devaluation of the currencies of other EMU countries; their debts would increase in value, the claims of the FRG would increase to the same extent, and the German debts would fall significantly. In this way, all countries would again become competitive. Such claims have long since been made by the world of business, e.g. by the Chairman of LINDE-AG Wolfgang Reitzle, and also by politics, which idealised a North-South split, and are currently being taken up again by the speculator and multi-billionaire George Soros , even if such speculative claims must be enjoyed with caution. But from the common sense point of view, this proposal is the only reasonable possibility. For Germany, this would still not mean being rid of all its problems; but this would be a much better starting basis, away from Merkel’s over-ambitious excesses in favour of an economically viable Europe in the sense of the Schengen Agreement.

Economists naturally still argue about this idea, but it remains the only viable solution. Europe would no longer suffer if consideration were finally given to such possibilities: A common economic, financial and social policy is not feasible in the long term and must remain a “dream” policy.