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The prophet of good

In the memo of the editor-in-Chief, Uli Baur recently gave vent to his opinion (Focus 31/2012) and prophesied that there was some good to come out of these days of the Euro crisis, of which some say it will never stop unless it ends in the crash, while others say it would stop immediately with a crash, if politicians finally realise their inability to act and made national bankruptcy socially acceptable. And in this sense, it would be nice, the press finally said, that big business, which is not doing at all badly, and the state, which is still delaying insolvency, are two quite different animals. Then it would be realised in every last part corner of the country, that the Germans have as few chances as the Greeks.

Baur plays in his article on envy and a sense of superiority (two characteristics which are provided in Germany with mothers’ milk and are sometimes preserved by misguided education). Bauer says that the Greeks are not shedding any jobs, a requirement of the EU which aims to contribute to savings. As one who never gets his turn, Baur notes that the Greeks intend instead to create 70,000 new civil service posts: why the Greeks are doing this, he does not ask and does not say. What a pity!

For Baur however it is quite clear that by such behaviour, Greece has ejected itself completely from the financial community around the dying Euro, calls those people ridiculous who with little expertise call for the end of the Euro, which already has little purchasing power, and stylises Mrs. Merkel as the good fairy, waiting in the wings to rescue the Euro.

As if she still had something else up her sleeve.

This idea is ridiculous, and shows that journalists, even if they have no business sense, are at least reliable party servants, who are quite ready to abuse the power of their opinion.

The only reason why Angela Merkel does nothing against Greece at the moment is that she can do nothing at all. What should she do? She alone? Should she decide to throw Greece out of the Euro. For what? She must not be such a diplomatic dead-loss. And economically, or better said with regard to the national economy, she can only wait . Everything else would mean that she would have to announce the bankruptcy of Germany. And that would show what a political dead-loss she really is.

Dear Mr. Baur – please stop contributing to the brainwashing of the people! You are a journalist, or at least call yourself one, so what is your interest in spreading such lies?

And what is your interest in supporting a policy that has made all the Germans and all Europeans into compulsory gamblers by wagering the tax revenues of the citizens in the casino that is Europe? It must be clear to you that the decay in value of the Euro means above all impoverishment of the people. And it must also be clear to you that methods such as concealment and cover-ups cannot form part of the policy of a democratically-oriented Government, but only of a dictatorship. Instead of using your position and your voice to inform and to explain, you dedicate yourself to concealment and denial of information. You should switch to politics – then you would no longer need to work as a journalist; politics is full of the types of people you prefer, and you would be able to experience their downfall. And with luck we will be able to judge you for your work, so that you might see how the abuse of power is punished.