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A pyramid system soon to meet its end (Editorial "Der Freie Berater")

The complete article on the subject of the crumbling Euro can also be found >here

Dear Readers,
It is now spring, and here and there things are emerging, and we are sometimes amazed at what is being revealed. Not so with our monetary system. This cocoon has always contained nothing but counterfeit money which is now revealing itself as such. Money in the form of debt is a pyramid system! By being able to serve old debts only by the assumption of new loans, the money supply proliferates through the economic system like antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The money supply is rapidly taking on its own life – like an ulcer, the (excess) money supply infects large parts of the real economy. Cheap loans were the trigger of the property crisis. Everyone was prepared to risk building financing. The state guarantees behind this financing ensure the creation of money by the banks out of thin air (fiat money) and at the lowest possible cost. Return-hungry investment capital is still eating its way into the most stagnant investments like a bark beetle. And the more bark beetles, the sooner these inter-dependent investments will collapse upon themselves . It is not an economic crisis, it is only partly a financial crisis, but it is in any case a crisis of counterfeit money. What we are in the process of learning from this is no more and no less that the financial monopoly must not be left in the hands of the state or a pseudo-elite. Otherwise we will experience a transfer society of unimagined proportions, in which the supporting pillar of the complete social market economy – which is the middle class – will be exploited. This class must then transfer upwards, which takes place above all by loss of buying power and cold progression, and it must also transfer downwards, which takes place by the transfer effects of social security and also by tax progression.
Continuing to support this pyramid counterfeit system with more money, like wanting to prevent a bathtub from overflowing by pouring in more hot water, is the stupidest and most damaging thing a government can do. The current financial monopoly is harmful to all those involved in the economy. The policy based on this foundation inhibits innovation and destroys prosperity. This is a matter of a capital destruction policy, which must be stopped. At the end of this chain of thought, they even endanger democracy itself. Anyone who does not want to be (gradually) dispossessed, and wants to give the European Union a political chance for the future, must stand up against further rescue and support measures to maintain this ailing counterfeit money system. In a Spanish village, the community recently reintroduced the Peseta, consumption is flourishing, the people are happy.
We hope you enjoy reading!
andreas müller
Andreas Müller-Alwart