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Learning from Romania means learning to fight

The newspaper “Le Monde diplomatique” reported in September 2012 (p. 7) how in Romania, the state is being contested by two corrupt cliques. A prime example of how politics has failed.

Since we now know that Merkel’s challenger will be Peer Steinbrück, it is therefore also clear that at the kick-off of the 2013 election, the fateful election for the current Chancellor, two cliques will also contest the state in Germany. As to what extent these are corrupt, we leave to the taste of political mentality, a logic to which only politicians fall prey; it is clear however that these cliques can do nothing good for Germany. Merkel has necessarily failed completely under the burden of the hopelessness of the inheritance of her mentor Kohl; because of the hopelessness into which Angela Merkel has driven Germany during the Euro crisis, Steinbrück is equally hopeless, and is doomed to one thing, namely failure.

While in Romania the Parliament is at least trying to bring order amongst the bunch of despots, now dramatically with the announcement of a suicide, now with fists flying, and sometimes even by voting, the German Parliament brings forth only aimless doubt and dubiousness. Gutless, self-effacing members decide what the party leadership ordains, left, centre or right. Dispassionately. Voting, the Germans can also do this, but to become an inconvenient voice, to roll up one’s sleeves and get down to some work, drama, strength, attitude – there is none of this. In the discourse of to be and to have, everything is defused along correct party lines. And now we have no possibility of escaping this practice.

The Federal Constitutional Court too will not help, because here politically acceptable judges decide according to the party line, or at least do nothing against it. And it is these useless-but-harmless decisions which have brought Germany to the brink of democracy. In Romania the constitutional judges were physically threatened, and even feared for their lives. But probably felt this only for the first time. In Germany the judges make much more difficult moving targets, passing on quickly from one decision to the next. It is therefore almost amazing that it was decided who may go up against Merkula. Let us therefore be prepared for a most exciting loss of democracy, let us be prepared for a wonderfully weak currency which makes our lives more difficult, let us be prepared to dream how beautiful everything might have been if – if we know not what. Good night, miserable Germany!