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The Chancellor reacts reservedly to open letters

In the Bildzeitung of 13th April 2011 it was reported (on Page 2):

Severe criticism of the Chancellor: Corinna Ponto, Michael Buback and Jörg Schleyer, whose fathers were murdered over 30 years ago by RAF killer commandos, are still waiting for an answer from Angela Merkel (CDU) to their "open letter" of September 2010, published in BILD. In the letter, the three called on the Chancellor to commission an international team of experts to investigate the RAF murders, and also to allow access to "documents which have been kept secret". On the ARD programme "Beckmann", the son of the murdered Attorney General Siegfried Buback complained that it was also "rather humiliating" that nobody had even bothered to say "we have received the letter or we are doing something about it". The daughter of the murdered Dresdner Bank chief Jürgen Ponto was equally disappointed: Merkel's silence was "unacceptable – and this silence says something in itself".
The son of the kidnapped and executed Hanns-Martin Schleyer, President of the Association of German Employers, confirmed that he too had heard "nothing" from the Chancellor. The three bereaved are of course being treated no differently by the Chancellor than other authors of "open letters". In the Chancellor's office, the firm rule applies that "letters" which are first published in the media in order to exert pressure on the Chancellor basically go unanswered.
Angela Merkel is acting in exactly the same manner as her predecessors Gerhard Schröder and Helmut Kohl (CDU). They too ignored "open letters". When 40 left-wing SPD members of parliament wrote an "open letter" to Schröder, he retorted that the letter had been directed to the media, and not to him: "So I will not react to it either."

It is quite amazing: Not a single journalist (not even one from BILD), nor the Chancellor, reacted to our open letter, which was sent on 16th February 2011 to editors of print, TV and radio, and on 18th February 2011 to the Chancellor's office. As regards the Chancellor, we have now been informed about her strange behaviour. As regards BILD, we can only ask ourselves: Is there also an unbreakable rule at Springer which was previously unknown to us, were they simply unwilling to work against a major customer of the Advertising Department, or were they just protecting their own interests?
We consider it fundamentally undemocratic to refuse to respond to "open letters", because what other possibility does the "man in the street" have to talk to the people in power? Particularly since in the case of the following text, this was not the "man in the street", but victims of murder.