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The "enough said" Chancellor

On 7th June 2011, the foundation director of Deutschlandradio commented on Angela Merkel's strict rejections in the 'Bild'. Enough said, says the Chancellor about phasing out nuclear energy. "The Chancellor sets the pace and the date. Rösler has been sent packing. There are rumblings in the Union." Whether it is about billions for Greece or the non-participation of Germany in the Libyan conflict – "enough said", and whatever the Chancellor wants, happens. "There are good reasons for every 'enough'. Anyone who wants to govern a country has to put their foot down." said 'Bild'. "But afterwards what is needed are compromises, understanding and accommodation." 'Bild' recommends, instead of an 'enough said':"sometimes a kiss. Even Merkel's party must experience the love of the Chancellor."

The factotum of the German government helped capitalism to the upturn against which her civics teacher must always have warned her in GDR times, and now, in all the economic power, she also has to love. It is questionable to what extent the love of a Chancellor can be measured; it is evident that it can only be a matter of favour. And where favour is, there are also the favoured minions. But there are always others as well – such as Angela Merkel's father, the preacher Kasner, who in the second year of his daughter's membership of the Kohl cabinet, and almost one year after her election as Deputy CDU Chairperson wrote in "Die Kirche" (organ of the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg, No. 33, of 16th August 1992) under the heading 'Nothing can remain as it once was.':

"As new members, we now live with the Basic Law of the old Federal Republic, a revised version is unthinkable. There will be additions and amendments at best, although, as stated above, all is not well with the free democratic basic order. Freed from the dictatorship of the state party, we hoped for a democratic awakening, and now find ourselves in a party state in which, according to the constitution, 'all state power comes from the people', but then never returns there. We now see how the established parties have taken a grip on the state, and that the state has become a self-service store for politicians ... The party state of the Federal Republic, in which the two popular parties can hardly be told apart at all, really differs from the party dictatorship of the GDR only in that it is a multiparty system. In the cosy proportional democracy, the clique becomes systematised. They confer benefits and favours on each other, the politics of this system are essentially nothing more than the continuation of economics by other means."
Enough said!