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HeadbombTo the members of the German

State Terror: Party Politics is Obsolete

Dear Sir or Madam,

Over the next few days, both governing national parties will hold their party conventions. Although both parties will be celebrating, there is nothing to celebrate. It is evident that many of the decisions made by the grand coalition have not benefited the people but only partisan objectives. There are several elections in the coming year. Unable to participate in the political process, the German people are obliged to live with the decisions that are made. As members of Parliament, your job is to represent the interests of the people. We ask you not to support the partisan wrangling any longer. Remember your responsibility as representatives of the people; vote in the interest of the Germans, not in the interest of lobbyists and partisan machinations. Please read our detailed opinion below:

On 10 December, INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY is observed. Once again, we will act as though human rights in Germany are unrestricted, but this is not the case. Germany is established on the basis of its Constitution and considers itself a democracy. Unfortunately, Germany’s democracy is a guise. The sections designated as inalienable fundamental rights in Articles 1 to 19 of the Constitution are merely words. The participation of the people in political decisions was excluded on the same legal basis on which it was established.

In both West and East Germany, political cronyism developed, although any other word would apply with regard to assuring human rights. On both sides, politics was harmed or broken. After reunification of the two German nations, a joint constitution that could have consisted of the participation of the people in political decisions was hindered in favour of noble plans for a united Europe – this was based again, unfortunately, on political cronyism, and because national debts, which have now reached €15 trillion, did not permit a genuine transformation, because no government wants to be responsible for a real debt haircut, even though this would have been the right thing for citizens, i.e. the taxpayers, of the country.

Instead of establishing adequate wages and salaries, i.e. real participation of all workers in the profits of the companies, the politicians represented the aspirations of the collective-bargaining parties and big business. Instead of enforcing employer contributions for compulsory health insurance, employees were obliged to pay a supplemental contributions. Similarly, federal governments made use of federal subsidies that had to be paid from the tax revenue of the total population for pension insurance. German citizens were promised secure pensions for decades. The contributions were never enough, however, because the PAYG system was bound to result in gaps because there was no funding for the formation of significant reserves. These gaps could no longer be closed, as in the case of the national health insurance. Loan-financed gifts to the people, such as mini pension increases, prevented tangible support for those needing aid and real wage and salary structures, as well as pension and retirement provisions.

The political missteps at the European level in favour of a united Europe resulted in a reduction in all benefits. With the suspension of social standards that were supposed to be met and protected by all German parties, human rights were also violated in Germany.

Uncontrolled, partisan cliques have prevented German democracy. It is always invoked, when they feel threatened, however. There may very well have been many threats, the worst being terrorism. Fully unchecked political decisions were made to the detriment of the people to fight and prosecute terrorism. That itself is also terrorism. It is a kind of terrorism that keeps politicians, banks and business alive. And they live at the expense of the people.

In addition to politically motivated state terror, which democracy supresses, there is the terror of business and the banks, which determine the lives of those who make up the state: The German and the European people are equally affected by this. People no longer believe politicians can manage large projects. For Germany, with its apparent parliamentary democracy, the following applies:

  • Political decisions are all politically motivated and only serve to preserve the power of the party.

  • Politicians are no longer held responsible for enormous failures – they have long been spared the necessary democratic and judicial checks inherent in a nation of laws.

  • Politicians, the press and the courts act in the interests of banks and businesses and others they are beholden to.

  • The people are unable to defend themselves from such injustices.

  • Politicians no longer represent the interests of the people.

In a press release regarding INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, Bundestag member Annette Groth (the Left Party) said Germany “must finally make the protection and enforcement of human rights the focus of its policies.” This must be considered a call to all members of the German Bundestag as well, to finally oppose the politically motivated abuse of human rights and protest the rise in social injustice, which has led to the political intrigues of the official political line. Pending decisions should be reviewed to ensure they represent the interests of the people and should be rejected if they do not. The people have no other representatives. Take a stand as members of the Bundestag against degenerate party politics and state terror.

Yours faithfully,

The Alliance for Democracy