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HeadbombCriminal charge of making
Headbomba false allegation against is an online platform which publishes documents, including internal government documents, for the purposes of journalistic and political transparency. And this therefore included the plans of the German intelligence services to expand their surveillance of online communications (see pp. 108 – 116).
Instead of facing public debate and responding to such questions as “How much surveillance do we need? How much surveillance do we want?”, the intelligence service responded with authoritarian force and brought a criminal charge of treason against As a result of the charge, the Federal Public Prosecutor General, Harald Range, instituted criminal investigations which ultimately he had to suspend on the instructions of the Minister for Justice. The criticism coming from the public had become all too audible. The Federal Public Prosecutor General resigned while the head of the intelligence services, Hans-Georg Maaßen, who was responsible for filing the criminal charge (i.e. the actual culprit), remains in office.
The criminal charge of treason is an over-reaction on the part of those responsible. Treason means deliberately harming the state by betraying its secrets. When someone lumps journalism and treason together under the same heading, it proves that the intelligence service is concerned with (covertly) exercising its power outside democratic control; criticism is being suppressed to this end.
Alliance fo§ Democracy filed a criminal charge of making a false allegation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Berlin against Hans-Georg Maaßen as the individual responsible.
Some time elapsed without a response, and so Alliance fo§ Democracy followed it up with a letter, to which an answer was received.
The relevant Public Prosecutor was unable to identify any indication of a criminal act having been committed. Hence, the false allegation (in accordance with Section 164 of the German Criminal Code) could not be considered. The Public Prosecutor’s clarification stated that the authorities involved were in the right in investigating and that “no criminal conduct by the reported individual was identifiable in any other legal respects”; the case was therefore terminated in accordance with section 170 (2) of the German Code of Criminal Procedure.
Alliance fo§ Democracy wonders how it is possible for a government authority to take so long to ascertain in a matter that is subject to public debate that there is nothing to ascertain. Hans-Georg Maaßen is allowed (protected by politics) to pursue his undemocratic agenda. Providing too much information to parliament and the people harms the party-political calculus and interferes with the intelligence service peddling their wares. The attempt by a people’s organisation to obtain legal clarification by means of a criminal charge was rejected by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Berlin - without any investigation and giving a purely formal reason - and is a total failure of justice. The judiciary is therefore no longer a third estate or a corrective; as has been shown in many other cases, the judiciary is in thrall to politics.

Alliance fo§ Democracy remains on the case and will be reporting.