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bombOpen letter 16/18/02/11

HeadbombTo the members of the German

Ladies & gentlemen,

With the failure of the consultations between the Greens and the CDU/CSU, a grand coalition is becoming more likely. This would be able to change the Constitution and basically topple the laws. If it were only a matter of Germany alone, then this development would not represent any disadvantage - but in times of the debt crisis however, when national budgets are maintained through loans and illicit state financing, in order to prevent the bankruptcy of the Europe created in this way, this grand coalition can help to reshape national laws into European law without a vote or by joint determination of the people.
This circumvention of democratic principles corresponds roughly to the popular deception that took place once before on German soil, namely at the end of the Second World War, when the Prime Minister, the experts at Herrenchiemsee, and the Parliamentary Council excluded the participation of people from the Constitution. The reasoning, there should be no repetition of the “Weimar Republic” was absurd, but it was enough to create laws that granted politics unassailable freedom of action from the people and any control, and was technically incontestable, and always harboured the danger that human error could once again create megalomania and political failures. The deputy sovereign replaced the legal position of the sovereign and thereby excluded the people for all time as co-determinants, and usurped the right to rule instead of to serve. And it has remained so until today. Germany was therefore never a democratic state, and even in Adenauer’ time was tantamount to dictatorship, at that time of the Allies, and today of high finance.

Since no amendment of legal standards beneficial to the people has taken place since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany, no control has been exercised on the party politics, while the possibilities of citizens to be able to complain directly to the Federal Constitutional Court against political grievances have been abolished, this led to a shift of attitude about how the interests of the people can be protected and exercised by their representatives.
The resulting policy was susceptible of uniform control and restriction on deviation from the party line. It contributed to the fact that from the purely legal point of view, political errors no longer had to be considered as such, and even the gaps in the German legal system were exploited to serve the European debt union, and to continue doing so long enough to weaken the German national budget by liabilities, guarantees, pro-rata payments into rescue packages, credit acquisitions or the so-called Target-II claims, so that the last resort remaining to are the savings and pensions of its citizens, although it should be noted that social payments of all kinds have become impossible.

Accordingly, all draft resolutions that served these interests were in fact unlawful, in particular the ratification of the ESM, which made it possible to suspend the fundamental and inalienable legal budgetary right of the Bundestag. The ESM Council can now call on European funds at any time, without restriction and at its own discretion. For Germany this means: the German national budget is determined by other forces than the German popular representatives.
Principles of German democracy have therefore been suspended with the division of power of the Judiciary, the Executive and Legislative branches; this power is now wielded only by the ESM Council.
This opening has not however brought an end to the crisis. Nor can it be ended by further such deprivation of rights, it simply increases the costs of insolvency, which is being delayed at the cost of the taxpayers.

The Grand Coalition will also have to bow to this dictate; further draft proposals will follow, and they all obey the compulsions of avoiding bankruptcy. Constitutional organs allowed legally valid but non-contemporary law to be twisted into moral injustice – now they are called on more than ever to devote their remaining strength on behalf of the people, whose interest cannot lie in supporting the debts of banks and jugglers of high finance.

The Alliance for Democracy calls on every parliamentarian to think about his vote and its importance, and to contribute as a representative of the people to putting an end to this injustice. The parliament must work for an immediate amendment of the people’s right to speak, immediately discontinue the Euro rescue policy, and ensure the preservation of German democracy. To this end, the press must be informed about the actual national debt of Germany, and also called on to pass this information of to its readers.
In addition, it must be determined that the instructional duty of judges must be abolished immediately. Control, transparency and governance in the sense of the oath of office must be restored.

The work of the parliamentarian has contributed to an unimaginable level of national debt, if only because of the relations between the IMF, ECB, the Deutsche Bank and the Federal Government. It remains incomprehensible why no single party has made or introduced changes in the law to put the sovereign at all in a democratic position?

There must be no further doubt that the sovereign will eventually carve out such a position!

The Alliance for Democracy