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HeadbombAgainst the dismissal of
HeadbombFederal President Wulff

Christian Wulff resigned from his office as Federal President on 17th February 2012 after about 1½ years in office. In purely formal terms, this was a “voluntary” resignation, although it was in actual fact a matter of dismissal from office – brought about by excessive media reporting and an excessive Public Prosecutor’s investigation, which on the day preceding his resignation resulted in an application for suspension of his immunity by the Hannover Public Prosecutor’s Office.
After a year, by the end of the investigation proceedings, almost nothing remains of the accusations. It is a matter of approx. € 700 and a threadbare, legally untenable accusation of bribery. The extent of the investigation proceedings and the media reporting are completely out of proportion to the alleged offence. The reporting excess of the media and investigation excess of the Public Prosecutor’s Office resulted in a “concerted action” and an “execution campaign” against the head of state.

The Alliance for Democracy would like to delve into the background of this affair. Who wanted to get rid of Wulff, and why? The answers can all be traced back to the party headquarters of the CDU, and to Chancellor Angela Merkel herself. Christian Wulff showed himself to be intractable and inconvenient as Federal President: He criticised the Euro rescue policy, and amidst the hectic legislative proceedings on the ESM, let it be known that he would not sign the Act into law. Germany would therefore have been unable to ratify the ESM, something which Angela Merkel had to prevent at all costs. So Wulff had to go – otherwise the Euro rescue policy of the Merkel government, and the government itself, would have been at stake.
Public Prosecutors are not independent or impartial. They are subject to the instructions of their superiors, such as the Minister of Justice. Party politics therefore has direct control over Public Prosecutors. Politics can decide who is placed under investigation, and who is spared. The Alliance for Democracy, in a petition to the German Bundestag, has called for the abolition of this abuse of the law. Because the present legal situation opens the floodgates to political corruption and political show-trials.

As in the case of Wulff. The head of the Hannover Public Prosecutor’s Office was the then Minister of Justice Bernd Busemann, CDU. It can only be assumed that he passed on to the Public Prosecutors the instructions of the party headquarters, so that the proceedings against Wulff attracted the glare of publicity afforded to it by the Springer press (and not only them!).

A member of the Alliance for Democracy has submitted this matter to the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office for review, and has also lodged a criminal complaint against the National Executive Committee of the CDU, against Angela Merkel, against the former Minister of Justice of Lower Saxony Bernd Busemann and against the Senior Public Prosecutor conducting the investigations Clemens Eimterbäumer on the grounds of coercion, false suspicion and slander.

We have since received a reply from the Hannover Public Prosecutor's Office – which has declined to institute investigative proceedings – one Public Prosecutor is protecting the other –, but the Alliance for Democracy will not let the matter rest there.

We would like to know: If the scandal persists, are criminal offences to be covered up? Angela Merkel has drawn a veil of alleged lack of alternative over the whole country. The Alliance for Democracy wants to tear aside this veil and put forward counter-proposals– a currency reform instead of delaying the insolvency of the Euro, independent public prosecutors instead of politically amenable ones bound by the instructions of their political masters, civil servants who act according to their conscience, such as Wulff in the matter of the ESM/Fiscal Pact, who became inconvenient and therefore had to go, an informative press, instead of intriguers á la BILD, and genuine, direct democracy, instead of corrupt party domination.

Clearly, our letter to the Hannover Public Prosecutor’s Office was also passed on to the Celle General Public Prosecutor - why should a secret take such official channels, which are inscrutable as the ways of God himself. It is interesting, however, that the Public Prosecutor in Celle at least took the time to say that she also saw no need for action in the Wulff affair. We find this surprising, because she would not have needed to do anything. We are gratified by so much zeal, and would be even more delighted in this were also directed into the right channels – we have already drawn attention to this fact many times.

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