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HeadbombPetitions as democracy against the
HeadbombMerkel government and members
Headbombwho toe the party line

Dear Sirs,

On its way to the United Europe proclaimed by the Merkel government (in the sense of Bertelsmann: The United States of Europe!) under one European government with a European parliament, Germany is degenerating into an administrative apparatus which is abolishing everything that German democracy stands for.

A united Europe on the basis of the Schengen agreement already exists; what is now being created is the disenfranchisement of the Germans and all Europeans – by breach of the law, as confirmed by the agreement to the ESM, and by deception of the taxpayer, the needy and pensioners by doctoring German state and national budgets in order to stay in line with the Fiscal Pact.

In order to restore the lost confidence in politics, the Alliance for Democracy has written three petitions and sent them to the Petitions Committee.

  1. On the occasion of the current deliberations in the Committee on Legal Affairs on a revision of the offence of bribery of members (§ 108e StGB), the conditions must be created immediately for the ratification of the UN Convention – as well as the revision of § 108e and f StGB (Corruptibility and corruption of members). Germany has lost its credibility in the world! And since 10 years ago. Outrageous! This is the point of the first petition of 25th March 2013.

  2. The second petition calls for the immediate joint determination of the people through referenda, because our democracy is toppling and threatens to deteriorate into a dictatorship. Unfortunately, the Merkel Government is supporting these efforts by the wrong means. Otherwise it can hardly be explained why the Federal Government failed, at the European Court of Justice, to bring action for annulment pursuant to Article 263 TFEU against the decision of the European Central Bank of 6th September 2012 on the unlimited purchase of government bonds on the secondary market (deadline 6th November 2012), because the unlimited purchase of junk bonds of the ECB is incompatible with the German Constitution.

    Our constitutional complaint of 27th/28th September 2012, requesting the Federal Constitutional Court to call on the Government to lodge a complaint against the ECB with the European Court of Justice, in order to prohibit unlimited purchases of junk government bonds as a form of impermissible state financing (according to the TFEU), was unfortunately unsuccessful, although it was submitted within the prescribed time limit of two months.

    The German supreme court has thereby denied the legal protection conferred by the Constitution which the Federal Government was duty-bound to grant even before submission of the complaints, in that it should not have been allowed to agree to such action on the part of the Board of the ECB.

    The German Bundestag is now the only body which can bring this about by submitting an application for a decision on whether to leave the European Currency Union, and therefore also the Euro Community, as allowed for by the Lisbon Treaty of 2008.

    If this path had been taken, law would have prevailed; the disempowerment of the members of the Bundestag would have been prevented. This took place after the supreme right in our democracy, that of budgetary authority, had been taken away from the Bundestag and its members. The ECB (although it is not a country itself, may at any time, avail itself of the 27% German share of the budget – simply by a decision of the members of the ECB Council. The German Bundestag is powerless to do anything against it.

    If the Chancellor had acted within her mandate, and with all due care of a professional politician or businesswoman on behalf of Germany, she would ever have been able to issue such a “carte blanche”; if at all, and then only subject to the requirement that on failure to observe a limitation on the part of Germany on the unlimited purchase of bonds, as decided on 6th September 2012, the brake could subsequently have been applied by means of a proposal by the German government to the German Bundestag to leave the Euro Community.

    This would have preserved the budgetary powers of the German Bundestag and also complied with the Constitution.

    But all this was omitted. The Federal Government and the Parliament must therefore be accused of serious failings, which are in contradiction to the democratic principles of Germany. Constitutional organs conducted themselves unconstitutionally. And this also applies to the Federal Constitutional Court, which believes, contrary to all democratic principles, that it is not bound to provide such legal protection, and in this way ignores the application for a judgement of bias in the forthcoming hearing on the ESM on 11th/12th June 2013 (it is absent from the agenda of this meeting).

The Parliament has thus degenerated to the level of a puppet-theatre, against which democratically-minded citizens in the sense of Art. 20 GG are forced to make use of their right to undertake democratic means of action against the state.

The grounds that such compulsions result for the Germans lie in the fact that the majority of the 620 members no longer have any alternative but to give their agreement to such undemocratic proposals because the whole system has for decades been saddled with decisions designed only to serve party-political interests and to toe the party line. They have lead to excessive national debt, resulting in a crisis which can only be brought to an end at the further cost of the taxpayer. But the crisis cannot be brought to an end in this way; this will only increase the costs of the insolvency which is being deliberately delayed. A restructuring should finally be brought about by external, expert third parties. You have followed this course so far, but have delivered yourselves up to necessities of avoiding bankruptcy, and are therefore jointly responsible for a crisis which can only be resolved by major curtailments at all performance levels. Constitutional organs have in this way allowed justice to be transformed into injustice.

You are not the Chancellor, you are representatives of the people! Take a moment to think about this obligation!

  1. The third petition (6th May 2013) is directed against the inadequacy of jurisprudence, that judges are appointed and promoted by politics, and that the Public Prosecutor is directly subject to instructions of the Executive. These conditions abrogate parliamentary democracy and contribute to driving Germany into enslavement by the financial markets (the syndicate branch of Germany).

As members of parliament, as representatives of the people, it is your duty to vote in the interests of the people. The imperative of the hour is: The supreme budgetary authority must be reserved for the Parliament alone – otherwise you will become a laughing-stock, if you have not become so already!

With kind regards

The Alliance for Democracy