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HeadbombAt the end – all confidence of the people in politics has been thrown away

For the last Euro Summit of the year taking place on 8th and 9th December 2012 in Brussels, European MP’s are demanding “courageous reforms”, which are absolutely essential – as can be read in the press – and also that the ECB must assume a stronger role, and that Euro-bonds should finally be introduced. The rating agency Moody’s has downgraded the credit rating of France, (unfortunately not enough), and also the ESM and the EFSF (with poor prospects for the future and the chance of further downgrading), and all this at a time when in Brussels, the Euro Group is continually arguing over what could now be the right rescue strategy for the debt union.

In principle, these are all empty words, and they only make any sense if effective ways are finally taken for the rescue of Europe. For the last Euro-summit of the year to be held on 8th and 9th December 2012, EU delegates are calling for “courageous reforms”, which are urgently needed – as can be read in the press, and that the ECB must assume a stronger role, and that Euro-bonds should finally be introduced. Certainly the situation is new, perhaps unique, but skills and rank have to allow that insights and truths are appropriately utilized and especially brought to the attention of the people and all European peoples. The idea of a United Europe, which the Eurocrats in Brussels would like to see, is currently untenable. Visions are becoming nightmares, and the Euro countries suffering under the burden of the crisis can barely crawl – how should they learn to run again with such plans?

Ongoing rescue packages, payments which have long since had no coverage and insolvency/inflation, and above all the unforeseeable damage to future generations, represent a testament to poverty created over the last two years by governments, government offices, auditors, experts, economists, the press, judiciary and other responsible bodies, despite ludicrously high consultation fees, commission charges and subsidisation from innumerable economic institutes, simply so as not to dirty their own nest and buy time for their continued existence. The balance sheet is a balance of fear, which through the pigheadedness of wanting to create a Eurocratic Europe as a community state goes beyond all stupidity, moral cowardice and authoritarian loyalty, and shows that democracies in Europe are falling apart. They have been simply forced through by false policies and objectives, the lust of governing parties to remain in power, against all human and material understanding and against prevailing law, and it can therefore be established: in two years, very little has changed. The evasive action and rescue attempts were all simply a new way into hopelessness, and billions in funds have been squandered, not least through studies and reports favourable to the government, judgments and influencing of the press – it went on all the time, because the heads of the common Europe spoke unfortunately increasingly of the selloff and ripping apart of a community which had long since originated of legal bases, such as the Schengen Agreement, and could have developed further on the same basis, if big business and banks had had any interest in this, and politicians had had the backbone to defend themselves against such powers and interests, instead of offering only vanity, hubris, megalomania and partisan interests, over and above the self-imposed limits on the currency, and therefore illegally in the sense of national treaties and agreements. The IMF, ECB and all issuing banks simply printed money, and wanted to make savings, instead of finally taking measures to put an end to the crisis.

These would be:

      1.Immediate currency reform in the 17 Euro countries;
      2.Suspension of the national agreements concerning the Euro which prevent such reforms;
      3.Planning of negotiations on how the community must be organized in future to serve the people democratically, legally and economically, in order to create a healthy community which consists of equally empowered and entitled partners;
      4.International support until the currencies of the individual countries have recovered to a meaningful competitive level;
      5.Disclosure of all intentions of the countries as to how they would see Europe as a community in the future;
      6.Establishment of a panel of legal specialists and economists (such as ifo München) for the identification of offences in connection with illegality since the introduction of the euro and institution of corresponding proceedings and
      7.Abolition of all influence of the press and the judiciary through partisan, political, or other vested-interest institutions (business institutions, ministries, offices, authorities).

As hopeless as Chancellor Angela Merkel has so far peddled the supposed fight against the crisis, as hopeless as all other measures have remained so far, just as hopeless has now come the moment of the political oath of disclosure - confess, and thereby spare Europe and the world from this undignified theatricality.

Remember that you are endangering democracy and that the press is also actively aiding you in this. This is not democratic management of the state, and Germany can no longer call itself democratic, nor even indirectly parliamentarian. This applies both to the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. All organs of the Constitution are therefore now rendered illegitimate.

Yours sincerely
Alliance for Democracy