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Headbombagainst Corruption 15/10/12 in addition to
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bombOpen letter 16/18/02/11

Headbomb8 th Letter to the Parliament

On 9th December every year the Germans, like other countries, celebrate “International Anti-corruption Day”. The sense or nonsense of such holidays may be disputed, but not how a government can let it come to the point that the relevant treaty or agreement (a UN Convention) has not yet been ratified.

The German parliamentarians have been gingerly stepping around such a decision, and have been doing so for nearly ten years. The Alliance for Democracy finds this embarrassing, since it demonstrates that the otherwise so highly-praised German democracy, at least on this point (and also on others, as we can prove), stands on the same level as illegitimate states such as North Korea. It is therefore questionable why 162 countries have been able to sign and implement this Convention, but Germany, which “aims to combat any form of political corruption in the public sector”, has not ratified it. The only reason therefore can only be that the representatives of the people do not want to renounce their perks and privileges. In Germany, any official who accepts a gift is severely punished (if he is caught or given away); but if a member of parliament does it, then this is called lobby work, and is not punishable, even though money or other favours may have changed hands.

On 17th October 2012 a hearing will be held on the matter. We await with excitement the contest between the members as to what extent they will feel able to address the subject of bribery and corruption, and agree on how they will handle the subject in the future, and they will indeed have to handle it, since they have long since lost all face – if even the motto does not apply: “Once you've lost your reputation, you have nothing left to lose“.

As support, the Alliance for Democracy has written a letter to the members of parliament, which makes clear what it is all really about; we have also sent a petition to the Petitions Committee of the Bundestag and also to the Legal Committee, which explains that due to the current consultations in the Legal Committee on a new version of the definition of bribery of members (§ 108e StGB), the requirements must immediately be created for the ratification of the UN Convention – as well as the following new version of § 108e and f StGB (Corruption and bribery of members of parliament). Otherwise Germany will lose all credibility in the world!

The Petitions Committee has in the meantime given its reply. The letter, as sober and remote as it sounds, sounds above all strained, and reading between the lines we detect over-stress. Well, in these circumstances it may take perhaps millions of years until any Government in Germany pulls itself together enough to really do anything in terms of anti-corruption. In the meantime, we of the Alliance for Democracy believe there is a serious intention behind all this, but only insofar as policy and administration find it very easy to live with the untrustworthiness which non-ratification brings with it. And in this respect we believe: the democracy of this country is not a democracy at all!