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Headbomb6th Letter to Members of

27th June 2012

To the members of the German Bundestag

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The so-called German debt sustainability is currently the focal subject in the press. “BILD” is highly critical, or rather Hilmar Kopper, who writes in the “BILD” that Euro-bonds herald the crash. Then, Mrs. Merkel says there will be Euro-bonds only over her dead body and “Die Zeit” writes that it would be wrong to open the floodgates of money further for the European Community, and Peer Steinbrück, the future, eternal Chancellor candidate of the SPD now says: “The traditionally pro-European position of the SPD should not mean that we attribute the communitisation of all risks to the German taxpayer simply as a knee-jerk reaction”.

And then the Greens complain that they had not been informed sufficiently of the ESM, and the highest German court must waste its time in telling a few seat-warming politicians that they really should have been better informed! And the worst part is: nobody can accuse the Green members and all other parliamentarians of not having done their homework, because where was such information supposed to have come from?
The German press prints reams on the crisis daily, the supposed, the alleged and the incredible goings-on, and has now discovered, although it has remained loyal as always to its masters, how pitifully stupid parliamentarians and probably also the representatives of the Bundesrat had to remain, because they all received only information loyal to the party line, which represented the well-sounding but pointless babble of a Chancellor from cloud-cuckoo land, rather than about the sense or nonsense of a Euro rescue. And now, since it has been proven that Mrs. Merkel hardly seems to know what she is talking about when she refers to a Euro rescue, because she has never expressed herself on the contents of such a move, and members of parliament have outed themselves by declaring that they were not informed at all, and the press mumbles in the background, now along comes the “BILD” and praises it as citizen’s judgment in terms of a referendum on the Euro and EU!

And the poor taxpayer, whose savings, pensions and property all the Governments of the Federal Republic of Germany over the last 60 years have plundered, by using these assets as security for loans, apart from rent, taxes and petrol prices, from which the state also made a great deal of money, these taxpayers are now to vote on the Euro and the EU? This is at least what is demanded by “BILD”, the lickspittle of the government, when it praises the people for their wisdom and warns the Chancellor: If the people once decide against the Euro, thy will be deciding in favour of Germany, and not for a centralised Europe. But this is the reason for which Mrs. Merkel wants to go down in history, the reason for which she brought down a Federal President, and started the argument with the Constitutional Court, and foisted her failures, legal violations and lies onto the press, which was stupid enough to argue, instead of seeking clarification for the reader.

One such matter is Euro-bonds. Mrs. Merkel cannot agree to them, because she would then have to announce the (previously delayed) national bankruptcy or curtail all social security benefits and/or transfer payments to a huge degree. This would make the people increasingly poorer – and the Euro, if it were to remain the currency, would have hardly any purchasing power any more. And then it becomes obvious: in a referendum, would the people always be the losers?
If the people were to agree, it would grant popular absolution to the complete policy of the past 60 years, the Europe policy and the Euro policy, and thereby accept the debt, the delaying of insolvency of the current government and ultimately the crash and its consequences. The government could then always say: you wanted the Euro. We simply did everything we could to keep it.
If the people says it does not want the Euro, then the government can say that it always assumed that the people wanted the Euro (and false results of popular surveys and opinion barometers have confirmed this, false results because the wrong questions were deliberately asked and the risks were not specified), and the delaying of insolvency (as practiced so far) was better than bankruptcy.

The people therefore always have to carry the buck, because it always stands surety with its taxes for the adventure which all governments have allowed themselves, by borrowing in order to finance national budgets. During the Euro crisis, this was simply compounded by the fact that these loans now have to suffice to cover the debts of other countries. And it is inconceivable that those in the state who are responsible for deciding on such matters claim to have been insufficiently informed about the state of affairs. And all so that Mrs. Merkel gets her entry in the history books, describing her as working sensibly in the service of the people, and in her efforts for a wonderful Europe, in which the currency is virtually worthless, young people cannot find jobs, unemployment figures are increasing and reforms fail to materialise, and all this under the direction of an administration which has its head even higher in the clouds, and whole sole interest is collecting a pay-cheque at the end of the month.

The tendency of the Germans to submission will help to evoke conditions of early feudalism, and so it is questionable why Germany feels the need to have popular representation at all, when it has now been proven that they can hardly see any further than the end of their noses? And the clever people, adroitly prised and manipulated by the greatest opinion-former in the country, are invited to the ballot box, where they can choose only between a rock and a hard place!
All this is the reward for loyalty to authority, the surrender of responsibility, the lack of interest and the good faith that “those up there” are doing something sensible! Thos boomerang should shake all Germans out of their lethargy and awaken them. “Those up there” have failed, and it is now the turn of the people, but they should be free to decide, not fettered and manipulated by politics, which will leave behind it only a pile of ruins and a mountain of debt!
The Alliance for Democracy, periodicals such as the “Freie Berater” and opponents of the Euro, such as Prof. Dr. Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider or Ulrich Beck have seen all this coming: The Euro rescue, which borders on pig-headedness, must remain futile. We have described this in many articles and also written accordingly to the members of parliament.
We would like to thank our loyal readers, and hope that they will be there on Friday 29th June 2012 at 15:00 in front of the Bundestag to demonstrate against the vote on the ESM/Fiscal Pact. We call particularly on pensioners, Hartz-IV recipients and young people, since they will be amongst those hardest hit by the cuts.

For all of these unimaginably, irresponsible, stupid excesses of human greed and blindness, we award the “Bombshell of the Week” to German politics, a clique of failures beyond compare, who out of the lust for power and the mere appearance of actually doing something, have completely forgotten what they are actually there for, and to the Germen press, who simply bathe in the reflected light, instead of doing the work for which journalists are paid.
And all of them together have still not understood that the agreement to the ESM/Fiscal Pact necessarily requires the agreement to Euro-bonds. And then it will be the Euro zone which makes the decisions – not Mrs. Merkel and not the German people!

With kind regards
The Alliance for Democracy