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HeadbombParliament ESM

20th June 2012

To the members of the German Bundestag

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Shortly before the close of business, you will vote on the ESM, which is to come into force from 1st July 2012. This would put an end to German democracy in its present form. Worse even than this fact the direction currently being taken by the supposed rescue of the Euro.
In hob-nailed boots and in violation of all democratic rules of the game, the Chancellor is trying to influence the decisions of the German parliament (we are reminded of BVerfG, 2 BvE 4/11 of 19.6.2012), as well as those of the Federal President (Mr. Wulff was hounded out after stating that he did not intend to sign the ESM agreement), and also the decisions of all European government representatives, in order to retain the Euro.
Viewed from a distance, it appears that only Mrs. Merkel is privy to this rescue plan. But such a plan cannot exist! And all promises of being able to keep a stable Euro with high-purchasing power (G20 Summit) are simply lies, and all the members of parliament are turned into liars - under these circumstances, the discussion about Euro-bonds appears particularly irrational.
Behind the demands for the introduction of Euro-bonds, such as those made by Spain, Italy, the USA, France, the IMF and the German political parties of the Greens and the SPD, lurks speculation on German bonds, and the desire of high finance to make profit from their false valuation. National bankruptcy, such as now being experienced by Greece, would then also be the fate of Germany, and the banks would profit from it. The Germans would lose their pensions, social benefits and other support, such as training allowances. All future Governments of Germany would be bound only to the task of preventing national bankruptcy. The German national debt would soar to immeasurable levels. In this way, prospects for growth remain zero; prospects of necessary national reforms, acceptable national budgets would be extinguished – violation and infringement of the law would be the order of the day; the democratic political system, the Basic Law would be subject to the terms of a financial dictatorship.

For you as embers of parliament, as representatives of the people, it must be a matter of conscience to vote for or against the ESM. But remember however: Every further decision which serves to maintain the Euro (fiscal pact, Euro-bonds etc.) impairs the chances of a strong currency and therefore a worthwhile future or Germany and for Europe.

So far, Angela Merkel resisted the introduction of Euro-bonds. Since she never pointed out at press conferences or similar public appearances the economic impact which the introduction of Euro-bonds would bring with it, it must be assumed that her intention is to stick to the party line and to save face, and in times in which Germany and Europe now find themselves, and keep their heads above water by delaying insolvency, something which is covered up by the Merkel government, and thus eludes further clarification, that generations of taxpayers will have to pay for the rescue of the Euro, and that the purchasing power of the Euro is now already hardly worth mentioning. Nobody would like to be remembered for such a record, but this cannot come into consideration as long as the Germans are being forced into debt.
To give you an example from the catalogue of the past violations and infringements of law in connection with the Euro crisis, we refer to the offence of the no-bail-out clause or debt repayment fund. Almost as bad banks, the over-indebtedness of countries was to be absorbed in order to comply with the Maastricht Treaty (the supreme piece of European legislation). We will not even go into the extent to which investors are suffering from this behaviour and will lose their savings, but would like to point out that this clause was introduced in order to commit the Euro countries to debt limits, so that they could put together national budgets. And then the clause was amended, so that the debt limit could be disregarded by precisely countries which should long since have made their way to the insolvency courts. And this applies to all Euro countries, including Germany. This supreme European law was thereby bent, if not broken, because the Maastricht Treaty prohibits a country from standing surety for the debts of another country. Since all Euro-bonds are economically equivalent to the debt repayment fund as community liability, no country could therefore support another. In the future however, Euro countries will be able to change the ESM Agreement by means of a new, vague paragraph, without having to comply with this clause. This is in direct contradiction to the basic principle of the EU Treaty: Budgetary discipline as a systemic basis for the stability of the common currency. And it is conceivable that this insertion was to legalise the ESM, which is now only to be maintained in order to stick to the party lines. And this is also the purpose of the ESM, which in its present form probably attacks German democracy the most severely and will make also the German parliament superfluous by means of a centralised European administration.
Abraham Lincoln once said: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” You are also the foil of this deceit - do your part so that the Euro is not placed above the rights of the Germans and also all other Euro countries! The Euro adventure must be brought to an end! The outcome lies in your hands! A currency reform means an end to the horror - your signature to the ESM a horror without end!
Europe has been united since the Schengen Agreement. There was never any need for the Euro. It was intended as a symbol of unity and solidarity, and a means to facilitate joint economic action, but since only few countries have adhered to the requirements for the creation of the currency, and now combine with it bankruptcy, many legal violations and a bleak future, we appeal to you as representatives of the people: Vote against the ESM! Give up your position in the political trench warfare. It is more than party loyalty which is at stake, it is a matter of German budgetary sovereignty, it is a matter of preserving a Germany in which useless ideas are not pursued solely for the benefit of high finance. It cannot be that a Chancellor lays down a party line that is demonstrably directed against the interests of the people, which wheels and deals, bends the law and does not even tell parliament what it should vote for, when and why. Do not let the wool be pulled over your eyes any longer!

Finally we would like to inform you that the Alliance for Democracy on 12th June 2012 submitted a complaint against the ESM/fiscal pact to the Federal Constitutional Court, on the grounds that the ESM/fiscal pact is illegal and therefore non-negotiable.

With kind regards
The Alliance for Democracy