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HeadbombCommitment to overcoming the
HeadbombEuro crisis

Dear Mr. Schäuble,

Politics fights for politics – rarely in history has the fight for the self-preservation of party politics become so clear as at the moment, and it has unfortunately also become clear how little concern there is for content and people. A good example is the so-called Euro crisis, which you want to resolve together with Chancellor Merkel. It must be clear to you that this crisis is the result of years of growth financed mainly by credit, in which all Governments of Germany have been involved since 1949. The current crisis of the financial system, which was only exacerbated by the introduction of the Euro is contributing to the undermining of civil rights, the destruction of fundamental pillars of the welfare state economy and subsequent generations being forced to pay off the mountain of debt which was created due to the lack of currency devaluations at the start of the European Monetary Union, in addition to the already excessive national debt.
If you are now of the opinion that you can bring an end to this debt crisis by the leverage effect of various rescue packages and their continual unlimited topping-up and permanent maintenance, such as the ESM, you prevent all future prospects of a Euro with lasting strong purchasing power, if indeed the Euro should be retained as the currency in Germany (and the Euro countries).

We therefore request a statement of your opinion on the following questions:

1.You claimed that the Euro crisis could be over in two years. Comprehensible means of action with a concept for proper management of a crisis, which in any event could no longer be brought under control from its beginning in early 2010, were not revealed to any critics. Under the currently proposed decisions of the Bundestag (with the approval of the Bundesrat) there is no plan which might allow the conclusion that you were following an approach that could end the crisis. Recent statements by yourself give the impression that the crisis can long since not be over, if you believe that despite the significant costs for banks and losses for the Germans, a Greek exit from the European Monetary Union (but not from European Union) is quite manageable, when on the other hand it has become known that Spain and Italy have – as has long since been foreseen – are now in difficulties and will have to ask for aid from the rescue packages. How could you and your colleagues have considered these countries as well-protected by the huge rescue packages? You have already seen the same by the example Greece – Greece was also protected by the recovery package and is now finished. How do you see the current internal negotiations at the highest European political levels on the rescue of the Euro by a North-South divide of the Euro countries? Is this not an indication that that the current situation, the firewalls of European policy, in the form of the ESM, debt union or Euro-bonds, are crumbling, so that Germany and Europe will be in a permanent state of crisis? By delaying insolvency, and forcing Germany to support this delayed insolvency at the cost of the taxpayers – is that supposed to be your plan?
How can you see this situation in any other way?
2.The Alliance for democracy claims that the federal budgets of the years 2010, 2011, the draft for the year 2012 and the supplementary budget for 2012 are fiddled budgets, which only prove that budgetary law apparently no longer applies for you – and can no longer apply, because the national debt (explicit and implicit debt between € 12 to 15 trillion) does not even allow a ratifiable budget. Are you familiar with these orders of size – and if so, why do you cling to your seat and harm the people further?
3.What are the further intentions behind your work? Is it your only desire as a failed candidate for Chancellor, who stills clings to on one of the most prestigious government offices, to go down in the history books as a hero out of lust for recognition, in order to revenge yourself on politics? As already stated, politics fights for politics, and measured by what you were in a position to do were during your years in the Finance Ministry, it can only be a matter of a personal vendetta. The people of the country, for whose welfare and interest you promised to devote all your efforts in your oath of office, see these promises as a bluff! You are a liar if you continue to claim that you can master the crisis. You cannot do this, nor the Chancellor, nor the pair of you together! And you should let this be known through the government spokesman and the press, rather than continue to lie to the people by concealing that the Euro can only be maintained if it loses drastically in purchasing power, thereby accepting the impoverishment of the middle class – whole strata of the population below this level, either in work or not, already have nothing more to lose! Do you want such a Germany – such a Europe? Will you not finally start to clarify and put an end to the debt policy of the Federal Republic of Germany, and thereby counteract the will towards political self-preservation, which has made the people of the country into debtors without their knowledge and against their will? If you do not do as suggested to you by Rob Savelberg, the Dutch journalist, you continue to stand as an example of the incompetence of the entire Government, as previously demonstrated in the crisis, and in no way serve the interests of future generations. By what right do you harm the Germans – even your own children?
4.Why do you dream of growth rates within a growth pact, although it must have been clear to you that imaginary growth leads only to chaos – € 12 to 15 trillion debts for Germany, – implicit/explicit – and unrealistic growth forecasts have led to even higher annual debt rates? Do not make the same mistake with your policy of debt (and that of your predecessors): the banking sector is once again greedy for funds and high salaries, as before the 1st financial crisis and now the Euro crisis, because you as members of the government have failed to introduce any controls on the economy (banks). Why are you still in the government, except for the mismanagement perpetrated by you and your colleagues today and in the past, and its unsuccessful crisis management?

In the current situation, for which German and European law has been broken in order to keep the Euro as a currency, no further legal violations will help, in order to legitimise or to regulate debt brakes, fiscal pacts with growth pacts and the relationships between supporting and supported countries. Agreement to the ESM will commit all future governments to the task of delaying national bankruptcy and insolvency. Germany, like all other Euro countries is already committing the crime of delaying insolvency – the permanent rescue package will lead only to the continued delaying of insolvency.
This will result in the creation of a Europe in which all governments are relieved of libertarian democratic order, making them slaves to high finance which has sole budgetary discretion over the Euro countries. The democratic principle of the separation of powers and control will thus be abrogated, the judiciary, executive and legislature will be staffed solely by the ESM Council. The question of eligibility and control of this Council remains open; popular determination will no longer exist in future.

It must be clear you that such a vision cannot be in the interest of German people, and it must be clear to you that the people will use any means to put a stop to such machinations for all time, and relieve from their office politicians who are responsible for this!

The people of this country have a right to participation and peace, and also under Article 1 GG to dignity – dignified treatment by a government which acts democratically. This has not proven to be the case at the moment. This policy violates the dignity of the German people!
The Germans will win for themselves the control of state power, banks and business and compliance with their constitutional rights! In this context please note that the Alliance for Democracy has submitted an urgent application to the Federal Constitutional Court (12.6.12) to put an end to the ESM/fiscal pact.