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bombLetter to the IMF relation to the
Headbombno-value-ECM - 05/12/16
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Headbombthe EFSF’s Financial
HeadbombStatements – 19/10/16
Headbomb+ Correspondence IDW -> MFD 15/11/16
Headbomband MFD -> IDW 16/11/16
bombLetter to the european Financial
HeadbombSupervision relation to the
Headbombno-value-ECM - 03/10/16
bomb14th Letter to the Parliament for Judicial
HeadbombReview of the Free-Trade
HeadbombAgreements - 27/05/2016
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HeadbombCourt for Judicial Review of the
HeadbombFree-Trade Agreements - 27/05/2016
bombBILD - Pillory of Shame - 21/12/15 bombCriminal charge of making a false
Headbomballegation against - 17/09/2015
Headbomb+ response of Public Prosecutor in
HeadbombBerlin - 20/05/2016
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HeadbombPress Council - 21/11/13
bombLetter to the IMF - 17/10/13
Headbomb+ Supplementary letter 22/11/13
bombLetter to the EU Commission - 17/10/13 bombLetter to the Presidium of the ECB - 17/10/13 bombAgainst the dismissal of
HeadbombFederal President Wulff - 13/06/13
Headbomb+ Response from the Hannover
HeadbombPublic Prosecutor's Office 25/07/13
Headbomb+ Opinion of the Alliance for
HeadbombDemocracy 21/08/13
Headbomb+ Letter to Celle General State Prosecutor’s
HeadbombOffice 10/10/13
bombPetition for the independence of the
HeadbombJudiciary and State Prosecutor - 06/05/13
Headbomb+ response by the Petitions Committee of
Headbombthe German Bundestag - 08/06/16
bombPetition for the introduction of genuine, direct
Headbombdemocracy - 25/04/13
Headbomb+ reply of the Bundestag - 14/11/16
bombPetition against corruption - 25/03/2013 bombCriminal complaint re. Target 2 10/11/2012 bomb1st Constitutional Complaint - against the
HeadbombFederal Government - 21/03/12
bomb2nd Constitutional Complaint - ESM incl.
Headbombsupplement - 12/06/12
bomb3rd Constitutional Complaint - ESM incl.
Headbombsupplement - 18/09/12
bomb4th Constitutional Complaint - Federal
HeadbombGouvernment against the ECB (by CJEU)
Headbomb+ response of Federal
HeadbombConstitutional Court - 06/06/16
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Headbombagainst Corruption 15/10/12 in addition to
HeadbombPetition 25/03/13
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HeadbombMinister - 27/02/15
bombObjection to Hartz IV - Judicial Review
HeadbombComplaint BVerfG
bomb1st Lawsuit against Federal government
bomb2nd Lawsuit against Federal government
bombOpen letter 16/18/02/11

Headbomb3rd Letter to Members of Parliament

The crisis of the Euro, which is supposed to be contained with ever new bank rescue plans, growth plans, the fiscal pact, but above all the ratification of the permanent ESM rescue package is the greatest fraud ever committed in Germany against the people, and probably the greatest betrayal of all Europeans. A total abuse of rights! Its politicised high-court assessment is still awaited, but is eagerly expected by the Alliance for Democracy with regard to the possible total collapse of democracy and its replacement by state authoritarianism.
The purchasing power of the Euro will continue to decline – the currency is now financed only by means of loans. In order to pay for the loans, the citizens of the country will have to cough up their taxes and accept cuts in pensions, retirement and social benefits such as Hartz IV, committing them to unprecedented debt slavery. In order to keep the Euro zone functioning, the long-existing German national bankruptcy is being delayed; the non-disclosure of the immense interest burden (and other commitments) constitutes the worst political deception of the German people of all time. By ratifying the ESM, which is due to take place on 25th May 2012, all future governments will be bound only to the task of circumventing national bankruptcy – the permanent rescue package will lead to the permanent delaying of insolvency . In the supporting countries, people must find at least the interest payments for loans, and perhaps for additional commitments under the ESM. Supported countries will inevitably need further support; this would instead mean a delaying of bankruptcy, since it must be assumed that funds to pay off such loans are lacking even in the best bankrupt country (Germany). The Germans would however be burdened with immensely high interest payments by such a delay, which can no longer be accepted. This is a kind of solidarity which is determined by high finance, and serves only itself; policy and law become subordinated to it – and unfortunately also the people who are forced into debt slavery.
After all discussions, the question remains as to why interest is paid at all, because the respective loan debt could be assigned to the debts of the supported countries; in the interests of their people, further rescue package payments for interest for the people of supporting countries would not come into question. Or was it intended from the outset that high finance should be allowed to benefit from the interest payments for the supported countries, for whose loans citizens of supporting countries are committed to guarantees and liabilities? It would thus be proved that incurring debt is the actual source of earnings of high finance. Politics has therefore been unmasked: it has acted not in the interest of the people and therefore not in compliance with the obligations of office, which would really have to include for big business some sort of provision for those who are supposed to provide these returns.

By agreeing to the ESM, the government and parliament are gambling with the future of Europe; gambling away peace and codetermination. Instead, a Europe is being created in which all governments are relieved of the responsibilities of libertarian democratic order, and made slaves of high finance, which can dispose of the budgets of Euro countries as it alone sees fit. The democratic principle of the division of power and control is thereby abrogated, and the judiciary, executive and legislative bodies manned solely by the ESM Council. The question of eligibility and control of this Council remains open; popular participation is rendered impossible.

The Alliance for Democracy calls on German parliamentarians: Your agreement to the ESM will drag Germany and Europe back into the Middle Ages!