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bombLetter to the IMF relation to the
Headbombno-value-ECM - 05/12/16
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Headbombthe EFSF’s Financial
HeadbombStatements – 19/10/16
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Headbomband MFD -> IDW 16/11/16
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HeadbombSupervision relation to the
Headbombno-value-ECM - 03/10/16
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HeadbombReview of the Free-Trade
HeadbombAgreements - 27/05/2016
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HeadbombCourt for Judicial Review of the
HeadbombFree-Trade Agreements - 27/05/2016
bombBILD - Pillory of Shame - 21/12/15 bombCriminal charge of making a false
Headbomballegation against - 17/09/2015
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HeadbombBerlin - 20/05/2016
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HeadbombPress Council - 21/11/13
bombLetter to the IMF - 17/10/13
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HeadbombFederal President Wulff - 13/06/13
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HeadbombPublic Prosecutor's Office 25/07/13
Headbomb+ Opinion of the Alliance for
HeadbombDemocracy 21/08/13
Headbomb+ Letter to Celle General State Prosecutor’s
HeadbombOffice 10/10/13
bombPetition for the independence of the
HeadbombJudiciary and State Prosecutor - 06/05/13
Headbomb+ response by the Petitions Committee of
Headbombthe German Bundestag - 08/06/16
bombPetition for the introduction of genuine, direct
Headbombdemocracy - 25/04/13
Headbomb+ reply of the Bundestag - 14/11/16
bombPetition against corruption - 25/03/2013 bombCriminal complaint re. Target 2 10/11/2012 bomb1st Constitutional Complaint - against the
HeadbombFederal Government - 21/03/12
bomb2nd Constitutional Complaint - ESM incl.
Headbombsupplement - 12/06/12
bomb3rd Constitutional Complaint - ESM incl.
Headbombsupplement - 18/09/12
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HeadbombGouvernment against the ECB (by CJEU)
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HeadbombConstitutional Court - 06/06/16
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Headbombagainst Corruption 15/10/12 in addition to
HeadbombPetition 25/03/13
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HeadbombMinister - 27/02/15
bombObjection to Hartz IV - Judicial Review
HeadbombComplaint BVerfG
bomb1st Lawsuit against Federal government
bomb2nd Lawsuit against Federal government
bombOpen letter 16/18/02/11

Headbomb1st Lawsuit against
HeadbombFederal government

Alliance for Democracy is working to ensure that tax funds are not used wastefully, in an impermissible way or for purposes which are not in the interests of the nation and its people. For this reason, Alliance for Democracy also objects to the letter of the Federal Government which was published in November 2010 in conventional print media and also on the Internet. This announcement cost around € 2.8 million. The money came from the nation's tax coffers. In the opinion of Alliance for Democracy however, this letter is no more than party advertising. This ought to have been financed from party funds. Alliance for Democracy has lodged a criminal complaint in order bring about a >criminal review of this campaign.

The >Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office considered that the campaign did not meet the requirements for the crime of breach of trust. The proceedings were accordingly discontinued "due to the lack of adequate factual grounds for punishable offences in accordance with § 170 Para. 2 StPO." This means: Whenever the government wants to make an announcement in praise of itself, or at least the value of its own work, for which it is in any event paid, it may simply help itself from tax funds – Alliance for Democracy has complained against this, and against the >discontinuation order.

As was only to be expected, our grounds received no hearing. The latest >letter from the Berlin Court of Appeal saw in the "loose association of friends" which makes up Alliance for Democracy a problem with regard to its legal competency. A legal technicality, which ultimately shows how the hidebound Public Prosecutor's Office sought any possibility of restricting our activities, and confronting future proceedings which we apply for with a high court decision to which it may refer again and again – which is ultimately intended to make us give up. The mater therefore stands as follows: In the 1st to 3rd instances, our request for review was rejected by the Public Prosecutor's Office, the General Public Prosecutor's Office and the Court of Appeal. With its reaction, the court has shown that it was not prepared to address the high court decision, cited by us, from earlier years on the same subject (>link), for which we were aiming.

We will continue the struggle despite all the evasions and excuses of the courts. We will be happy to comply with the apparent wish of the Court of Appeal to be represented by a legally competent person: our editor. He will get the proceedings started again in our interests. Further reports – follow to