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HeadbombDelayed insolvency

The rating agencies are controlling the crisis. Politics and the economy are hanging on the shirt tails of the rating agencies. The three largest – Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch – are closely allied with the banks. The banks are their paymasters. Their aim is to preserve the power of the banks. They support the greed and lust for power of the banks.
On Friday 12th September 2008, Lehmann Brothers Bank, soon to become famous, or rather notorious in the financial crisis, still had an AA+ rating, comparable with a school mark of 1-. On Monday 15th September 2008, Lehmann Brothers had to file for insolvency. The financial crisis was underway.
Will the same story now be repeated for Greece, which until recently also still enjoyed excellent ratings? And other bankrupt countries? And what about the supposedly (!) safe countries? Why does Germany still have a AAA rating, although the debts continue to pile up? The US Treasury Secretary announced weeks ago that the USA will be bankrupt from 1st August of this year if the Congress does not give its permission to increase the permissible national debt. Why does the USA still have a AAA rating?

We demand honesty, instead of unending eyewash. Let's face the facts: Greece is bankrupt, and it is not the only bankrupt country – this must finally be reflected in genuine ratings. But now there are even worse things to come. Following the wish of our Chancellor Dr. Merkel, European rating agencies are to compete with their American counterparts with soften and dishonest ratings, so that none of the bankrupt European countries are downrated. This madness is to be supported by supervisory harassment of the American rating agencies: the truth must be suppressed at all costs.

This will fail. The small investor will have to pay, as his shares and bonds lose all their value. Every citizen will pay, as their taxes now go to rescue companies, banks, and now whole countries with gigantic sums of money.

The ones who profit are the banks. They receive generous commissions for junk bonds, and pay much too little interest for bonds which are rated as safe by the rating agencies, but which in reality are extremely risky. A top banker, Ackermann, of the Deutsche Bank has stated in the media that Germany would never get back the money contributed to the rescue of Greece. In this he is right, but this is nevertheless pure cynicism, because at the same time, banks have made good profits out of these ailing Greek bonds.

Now the banks want to participate (German government rescue package contribution: € 690 billion / participation of the banks: € 3 billion, i.e. just over 0.4%) "voluntarily" with a few "peanuts", as Mr. Kopper, former Board and Supervisory Board Chairman of the Deutsche Bank would say, in the rescue of Greece. We must not deceive ourselves. It is always the taxpayer who foots the bill in the end. Even the 60th birthday celebration of Mr. Ackermann was paid for out of taxes: he blithely accepted the invitation of the government, and was royally entertained!

We demand a clear break. Instead of ever new debts and ever higher loans, there must be a 'zero hour', a new beginning, a new chance: a debt cancellation! Only in this way can the Greeks and other countries get back onto their feet! The "carry on regardless" approach simply postpones insolvency. The worst form of postponing insolvency is the European rescue package. Here politics is gambling with gigantic sums, and risking the prosperity of whole national economies. For private companies, delay in filing for insolvency is a criminal act – for good reason: anyone who deliberately delays insolvency damages investors and business partners. Rating agencies and politics should finally be brought to book for delaying insolvency.

Whereas every director of a limited company, however small, ca be prosecuted for delaying insolvency, the government screens itself against any punishability and responsibility. The delayed insolvency of whole countries however is not a criminal offence under current laws. The Alliance for Democracy will nevertheless act. We are applying to the European Commission and the German government for so-called breach of contract proceedings against debtor states which ignore and abuse the Maastricht criteria, to which all countries of the EU have committed themselves. We are also referring the matter to the European Ombudsman – because here the interests of European citizens are being jeopardised.