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bombLetter to the IMF relation to the
Headbombno-value-ECM - 05/12/16
bombLetter to the CDU Youth Union - 14/11/16 bombLetter to the IDW regarding
Headbombthe EFSF’s Financial
HeadbombStatements – 19/10/16
Headbomb+ Correspondence IDW -> MFD 15/11/16
Headbomband MFD -> IDW 16/11/16
bombLetter to the european Financial
HeadbombSupervision relation to the
Headbombno-value-ECM - 03/10/16
bomb14th Letter to the Parliament for Judicial
HeadbombReview of the Free-Trade
HeadbombAgreements - 27/05/2016
bombApplication to the Constitutional
HeadbombCourt for Judicial Review of the
HeadbombFree-Trade Agreements - 27/05/2016
bombBILD - Pillory of Shame - 21/12/15 bombCriminal charge of making a false
Headbomballegation against - 17/09/2015
Headbomb+ response of Public Prosecutor in
HeadbombBerlin - 20/05/2016
bombLetter to the Ifo President - 05/11/14 bombComplaint to the German
HeadbombPress Council - 21/11/13
bombLetter to the IMF - 17/10/13
Headbomb+ Supplementary letter 22/11/13
bombLetter to the EU Commission - 17/10/13 bombLetter to the Presidium of the ECB - 17/10/13 bombAgainst the dismissal of
HeadbombFederal President Wulff - 13/06/13
Headbomb+ Response from the Hannover
HeadbombPublic Prosecutor's Office 25/07/13
Headbomb+ Opinion of the Alliance for
HeadbombDemocracy 21/08/13
Headbomb+ Letter to Celle General State Prosecutor’s
HeadbombOffice 10/10/13
bombPetition for the independence of the
HeadbombJudiciary and State Prosecutor - 06/05/13
Headbomb+ response by the Petitions Committee of
Headbombthe German Bundestag - 08/06/16
bombPetition for the introduction of genuine, direct
Headbombdemocracy - 25/04/13
Headbomb+ reply of the Bundestag - 14/11/16
bombPetition against corruption - 25/03/2013 bombCriminal complaint re. Target 2 10/11/2012 bomb1st Constitutional Complaint - against the
HeadbombFederal Government - 21/03/12
bomb2nd Constitutional Complaint - ESM incl.
Headbombsupplement - 12/06/12
bomb3rd Constitutional Complaint - ESM incl.
Headbombsupplement - 18/09/12
bomb4th Constitutional Complaint - Federal
HeadbombGouvernment against the ECB (by CJEU)
Headbomb+ response of Federal
HeadbombConstitutional Court - 06/06/16
bombPress reports 27/6/12 + 24/10/12 bombSpringer complaint 28/09/11 bombDelayed insolvency bombPetition to the German Parliament 31/05/11 bombPetition to the European Parliament 21/06/11 bomb1st Letter to Members of Parliament 23/06/11 bomb2nd Letter to Members of Parliament
bomb3rd Letter to Members of Parliament 19/05/12 bomb4th Letter to Members of Parliament 23/05/12 bomb5th Letter to Members of Parliament 20/06/12 bomb6th Letter to Members of Parliament 27/06/12 bomb7th Letter to the Parliament 27/9/12 bomb8th Letter to the Parliament 15/10/12 -
Headbombagainst Corruption 15/10/12 in addition to
HeadbombPetition 25/03/13
bomb9th Letter to the Parliament 24/10/12 bomb10th Letter to the Parliament 05/12/12 bomb11th Letter to the Parliament - 20/05/13 bomb12th Letter to the Parliament - 16/10/13 bomb13th Letter to the Parliament - 10/12/15 bombQuestions to the Bundestag 27/28/06/12 bombTo the members of the Bundesrat 14/06/12 bombTo the minister of finance 12/06/12 bombSecond Letter to the Finance
HeadbombMinister - 27/02/15
bombObjection to Hartz IV - Judicial Review
HeadbombComplaint BVerfG
bomb1st Lawsuit against Federal government
bomb2nd Lawsuit against Federal government
bombOpen letter 16/18/02/11

Our Best Articles

Each week, the Alliance for Democracy offers articles with commentary on current events or issues that other press sources ignore or report without context. Our articles are published in the “Spotlight” section, where our editorials can also be found, in the “Leaf Forest” section, which highlights press contributions, and in the “Campaigns” section, in which we introduce our activities. We also have a “Bomb of the Week” award for the worst political misconduct. We cordially invite you to browse all of our pages and inform yourself. However, we would particularly like to recommend our best: articles that provide context and offer solutions.

On the 2017 Federal Elections

On 24 September, voters will choose new national leaders. There is something many of these voters do not know, because the politicians want to keep it quiet: The results of the elections don’t matter. Thanks to the political misconduct of past years, particularly in relation to the supposed union of the European states by means of a common currency, no party will be able to change the circumstances in our country, much less improve them. The only way to avoid a collapse is to continue to manage the crisis as always or to plan and execute an orderly exit from the currency union. This would require a realization that the European undertaking under the banner of the euro has failed, which would require an insolvency regulation. This would shed light on the political failures for which no politician accepts responsibility or even acknowledges. So, while the sovereign default of the European countries is being postponed, a historic opportunity for a realistic European dialogue in the sense of the Schengen Agreements is also being passed up. This situation prompted the Alliance for Democracy to offer a more detailed analysis, which exposes the postponement of sovereign default, and the injustice and tyranny of the euro and the eurocrats.

Colossal Public Fraud in Germany and Europe - Essays on the (Financial) Policies of Our Day and How They Can Be Improved

The so-called euro bailout is not a bailout at all. What politicians are describing as a success is a fraud, because the Eurozone (including Germany) has been in a financial/economic state of emergency for 20 years. The crisis has reached a state that defines our time. Big business reaps incomprehensible profits from losses. Pensions, employee benefits and provisions for our children are forfeited. This situation, deliberately created by the elite with fraud, rights abuses and violations of the law, might seem necessary, but the people have been and continue to be deceived by the political institutions that have nullified our prosperity.

The irreversible erosion of Germany’s assets must stand as an example of how political efforts have failed, and this must serve as a warning to future politicians. The articles describe the crisis, explain which powers are in play and what is behind the partisan proposals celebrated as political victories even while they harm the state and the economy. In addition to neutrality for Germany, the authors demand immediate currency reform, sovereign default and the proper treatment of implicit debts, which are the hidden costs of the social systems. They also propose a packet of measures. Moreover, the book contains a model of how a real direct controlling democracy would have to be in Germany so that the false democracy or party dictatorship that Germany currently has can become a people’s democracy.

The German Disaster – How the Germans were cheated of their democracy and why the prospects for Europe can scarcely be better

No one dares believe anymore that the euro can be saved, but politicians keep trying. The euro is the last attempt by politicians to cover up their failures and preserve a false democracy that has existed since the end of the Second World War. The euro was created by debt, and now creates its own. The currency grows weaker every day. The “German Disaster” explains how the constitutional organs of Germany failed to prevent the circumvention of control mechanisms. It explains how weak the German mark was and the impact of the euro on the loan-financed state budget and the troubled German economy. But it also explains how real direct democracy can be achieved by reforming the laws, especially by passing a sovereign default law for Germany, and for all of the euro countries, and how neutrality for Germany, a new constitution and controls over the powerful can be achieved.

Company Pension Scheme

The government was unable to fund the desired overall coverage of 75 percent for future retirees with the revenue from the statutory pension fund. This created a coverage gap that the government sought to offset for employees. Two options were developed: The in-house retirement plan and the so-called Riester pension. Both were to be funded by provisions in the form of tax reductions. However, it turned out that none of the options worked because the tax co-payments made by the state remained below the level that would have been required to achieve adequate supplementary benefits. Moreover, it depends on the interest rate, wherein the higher the interest rate, the lower the yield for the insured.

The benefits gap was therefore not closed. All political camps know this, and they have all been covering this up. In addition, the state has incurred co-payment costs that add to the national debt. Therefore, partisan politics has failed. Instead of developing and implementing a truly sensible system, they worked with the business sector to create a system of pseudo-financing, promising full funding that could never be delivered. The book reports on these abuses. It provides a model that would facilitate sufficient pension funding. During the research, a constitutional appeal was filed and accepted for a ruling. It alleged that this scourge could have been eliminated. However, it was ultimately rejected.

It is obvious in retrospect, and considering all other political failures, that neither the state nor high finance or the business sector were ever interested in forming sensible reserves. The state avoided tax increases because these would not go over well with voters. This affected all companies with employee pension plans. The high finance and business sector want to maximize yields and profits. A shortfall arose for all retirees, even though all believed that there would be sufficient funding for their pensions. Another scam to add to the long list of politically motivated scams of the last century.

Note: The above-mentioned book was published only in German.

MfD Policy Paper

The policies of the euro saviours had failed even before the euro was introduced. The chapters describe how politicians lied to conceal the fact that Germany was bankrupt, that the euro could never be a stable currency because the stability criteria (of the Maastricht Treaty) were breached and the country was delaying sovereign default while providing aid to other euro countries who were also bankrupt. The articles demonstrate that Germany is no democracy and that the false democracy in Germany is failing. The authors show what actions politicians have taken to save face. The articles also explain the violations of the law and the shady tricks that were necessary to achieve this. The articles reveal how no political group can survive without these tricks anymore. Consequently, these continuous violations of the law and rights should be prosecuted. This is what the Alliance for Democracy has been demanding in addition to immediate currency reform.