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bombLetter to the IMF relation to the
Headbombno-value-ECM - 05/12/16
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Headbombthe EFSF’s Financial
HeadbombStatements – 19/10/16
Headbomb+ Correspondence IDW -> MFD 15/11/16
Headbomband MFD -> IDW 16/11/16
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Headbombno-value-ECM - 03/10/16
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HeadbombFree-Trade Agreements - 27/05/2016
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HeadbombBerlin - 20/05/2016
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HeadbombPress Council - 21/11/13
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HeadbombOffice 10/10/13
bombPetition for the independence of the
HeadbombJudiciary and State Prosecutor - 06/05/13
Headbomb+ response by the Petitions Committee of
Headbombthe German Bundestag - 08/06/16
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Headbombdemocracy - 25/04/13
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HeadbombFederal Government - 21/03/12
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Headbombsupplement - 12/06/12
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Headbombsupplement - 18/09/12
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HeadbombGouvernment against the ECB (by CJEU)
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Headbombagainst Corruption 15/10/12 in addition to
HeadbombPetition 25/03/13
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HeadbombMinister - 27/02/15
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bomb1st Lawsuit against Federal government
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bombOpen letter 16/18/02/11

Colossal Public Fraud in Germany and Europe
Essays on the (Financial) Policies of Our Day and How They Can Be Improved

The so-called euro bailout is not a bailout at all. What politicians are describing as a success is a fraud, because the Eurozone (including Germany) has been in a financial/economic state of emergency for 20 years. The crisis has reached a state that defines our time. Big business reaps incomprehensible profits from losses. Pensions, employee benefits and provisions for our children are forfeited. This situation, deliberately created by the elite with fraud, rights abuses and violations of the law, might seem necessary, but the people have been and continue to be deceived by the political institutions that have nullified our prosperity.

The irreversible erosion of Germany’s assets must stand as an example of how political efforts have failed, and this must serve as a warning to future politicians. The articles describe the crisis, explain which powers are in play and what is behind the partisan proposals celebrated as political victories even while they harm the state and the economy. In addition to neutrality for Germany, the authors demand immediate currency reform, sovereign default and the proper treatment of implicit debts, which are the hidden costs of the social systems. They also propose a packet of measures. Moreover, the book contains a model of how a real direct controlling democracy would have to be in Germany so that the false democracy or party dictatorship that Germany currently has can become a people’s democracy.

What we stand for

We are a loose, non-denominational association of friends working nationwide to demand that political and economic crimes be prosecuted. We believe that the policy of living on credit has to end soon by converting the currency, that there should be social justice for everyone, and that the necessary reforms should be carried out. We need a national budget instead of ever-increasing national debt.”

In accordance with our maxim,  the Alliance for Democracy has resolved to be proactive. We did not want to found a registered society nor seek another legal structure for our work, since it is our cause that matters most to us. The individual should be able to contribute his or her own experience, opinions and achievements, but at the same time work independently and take responsibility for that cause. The principle is: to serve.

We want to work for a different Germany, one with not only legal, economic and scientific but also humane principles in which the people are motivated to participate in politics. We believe that a new democratic awareness is possible in Germany. This awareness will guide politics. We advocate direct democracy and the real participation of the people via referendum.

We are united by our common cause with all organisations fighting for these goals of participation and the involvement of the individual.

Moreover, our campaigns are directed against the politicization of jurisprudence, and we report on the true situation in Germany and Europe.